Changelog 71 – Service Provider Portal improvements and changes to CSV imports

In this release we have improved permissions and notifications in the Service Provider Portal, made changes to importing employees, service provider organizations and members. Plus a few smaller enhancements.

Service Provider Portal permission and notification improvements

We’ve updated the Data Access Permissions tab for the Service Provider Portal. You can now:

  • Give service provider members permission to add or delete members from their organization. All other member permissions are now displayed in the same tab. 
  • Choose if portal users can add, delete, or read insurance policies or contracts. 
  • In the Organization Details tab, give the same permission to all fields with one click, or expand the section to give different permissions to each field type. 

Check the data access permissions article for more information about the changes.


The notification settings have also changed:

  • There is now a single checkbox to turn on notification emails for each type of portal change. 
  • You can add location-specific notifications. Customize your notifications so specific people in each location receive a notification when portal users make a change.
  • We’ve changed the frequency of notification emails. When a portal user makes a change, the notification email is now aggregated so you only receive one email highlighting all the changes from that session. The email is triggered once there has been 30 minutes of inactivity on the portal.

The portal changes notification article has more detail about the changes.


Importing employees and service provider organizations and members

You can now add new, update existing, or delete employees in a single CSV file import. This is also available for service provider organizations, and service provider members.

We’ve added a new step when using a CSV file to import new or update existing records. Once you upload your CSV file, you now need to check that the file headers match the fields in WhosOnLocation. If you’re using our template, these fields should match automatically. If you are using your own CSV file, this step will help ensure that your information is mapped correctly.

For more information, have a look at the following Help Center articles:


Select columns to view

The View Columns menu across WhosOnLocation has had a refresh. 

Select the checkboxes to include the fields you’d like to see in the list view.


Scan mode for visitors

When using Sign In/Out Manager, you can now select scan mode for visitors when they’re signing in/out using a badge pass, WolPass, or visitor card. You can choose:

  • Quick sign in/out – skips sign in/out questions and summary screen.
  • Present basic and custom questions.
  • Present status summary – includes sign in/out questions.

Learn more about these settings in the Sign In/Out Manager Settings article.


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