Introduction: Alexa for Business

Connect your WhosOnLocation account with Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa to hear customized announcements.

How it works

With the Alexa for Business integration, you can set up triggers in WhosOnLocation to make on-site audio announcements on your Alexa devices. Each time an event is triggered in WhosOnLocation, a message is sent to the assigned device. An audio version of this message is then announced by Alexa.

Customize the triggers and announcement messages so they meet the exact needs of your business. Set up announcements for most WhosOnLocation trigger types, scenarios could include:

  • Announce the arrival of visitors so that their host can meet them at reception.
  • Highlight that a visitor has had their access is denied because they failed the pre-entry screening.
  • Notify a contractor on sign-in that their insurance policies or qualifications are expiring soon.
  • Give a warning that an employee has entered a restricted zone.

While setting up the integration, you will create rooms in Alexa for Business which correspond with your locations or zones in WhosOnLocation. These rooms are then linked directly to your WhosOnLocation triggers.

There is no cost to set up this integration in WhosOnLocation. However, AWS charges a fee for each device connected to Alexa for Business.

To learn more about how Alexa for Business works, check Amazon's FAQs page.

What you’ll need

To set up and use the Alexa for Business integration, you’ll need the following:

Set up the integration

There are three parts to setting up the integration, you need to complete them in this order:

  1. Set up your Alexa for Business account in AWS, and configure your devices and rooms.
  2. Connect the integration in WhosOnLocation.
  3. Add a trigger in WhosOnLocation for each announcement. You can preview the announcement before saving your trigger.