Changelog 72 – QR code poster

In this release, touchless QR code posters are now available. We've also made some changes to the layout options for mobile sign in, and there is a new printing tab in your sign in/out kiosk settings.

QR code posters

We’ve just released QR code posters for your employees, service providers, delivery agents, and visitors to use while signing in.

These posters enable you to get the benefits of our new touchless features, without needing an electronic kiosk at every entry point or zone in your location.

Your employees and guests can simply scan the QR code using their smartphone’s camera, then answer the questions to sign in.

To create a poster, add a new sign in/out kiosk for your location, select QR code poster as the device, then configure the layout settings.


Mobile sign in

If you use a touchless sign in/out kiosk, you can customize the mobile sign in experience for your employees and guests. 

In the Layout tab of your kiosk, choose the theme, customize the language used on the welcome screen, select the layout colors, and upload your company's logo.

You can no longer add a background image to your mobile sign in layout. This is to optimize the load time for mobile devices. If you previously had a background image for mobile sign in, this will have switched to the default background color for your selected theme. 

If you'd like to update your background color, check the sign in/out kiosk layout article. 


Sign in/out kiosk settings

We've made some changes to the settings tabs for sign in/out kiosks. 


There is now a Printing tab, which includes the Enable Print Sharing checkbox. 

You can also manage badge pass printing for visitors, service providers, and employees. 

Learn more about kiosk printing settings



There are two changes to the Notifications tab:

  • The Service Provider Help tab is now found here
  • Delivery notifications have been moved from the Deliveries tab and are now located here

Learn more about the kiosk notifications settings


Location details

We've added the Primary Function field to the Location Details screen. This required field is used by WhosOnLocation to gain a greater understanding of where our service is being used.

If this location serves multiple functions, select Mixed Functions.

Learn more about updating your location details


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