Set up the Alexa for Business integration

To get started with the Alexa integration, first configure your Alexa for Business account, then set up the integration in WhosOnLocation. You’ll need the Account Owner or IT Support user role to access the Integration Management settings in WhosOnLocation.

Before you start

Make sure you have:

The first part of the integration setup takes place in AWS. Get in touch with your IT team if you need help accessing these settings.

Set up your Alexa account in AWS

Set up your Alexa for Business account in AWS. You’ll need to set up access permissions, configure your devices, and create rooms. Make sure you use us-east-1 as the region for these settings.

Note that the AWS setup tool only runs on Microsoft Windows.

Follow the AWS documentation to complete the set up:

  1. Set up an IAM profile with Alexa for Business permissions. Make a note of your IAM access key ID and secret access key, you’ll need them when setting up the integration with WhosOnLocation.
  2. Set up your shared devices.
  3. Create a room profile. You must give your devices a US address, the devices do not have to be located there.
  4. Create a room.

For more information, check out these AWS videos on YouTube:

Set up the integration in WhosOnLocation

Once your Alexa for Business settings are configured in AWS, set up the integration in WhosOnLocation:

  1. Log in to WhosOnLocation.
  2. Go to Tools > Account.
  3. Select Integrations from the left-side menu.
  4. Select Alexa for Business.
  5. Click Enable, then click Confirm to activate the integration.
  6. Next to Alexa for Business, click Manage Settings.
  7. Complete the IAM key and IAM Secret fields. These access keys were provided in AWS while setting up your IAM profile.

  8. To test the connection with your device, click Test.
  9. Click Save, then click Back to Integrations.

You can now set up your announcements by creating triggers in WhosOnLocation.

Fix a credential error

If you receive the ‘Invalid credentials or IAM permissions for Alexa for Business’ error message while entering your Alexa settings, check that your IAM credentials have permission to use Alexa for Business.