Custom questionnaire API

The custom questionnaire API provides your location's custom questionnaires, custom questions, and the question answers submitted by your employees, visitors, and contractors.

How it works

The custom questionnaire API retrieves your custom questionnaires, custom questions, and answers to those questions. It includes questionnaires created in both Global Sign In/Out Questions and at the location level. The API provides full lists of each record type and can return single records based on an ID. The API only supports read-access.

You can retrieve the following information:

  • List of all custom questionnaires
  • A single custom questionnaire based on its ID
  • List of all custom questions
  • A single custom question based on its ID
  • List of all custom questionnaire submissions (excluding the answers). Includes location, kiosk, who submitted the answer, where the movement took place, and date and time.
  • A single submission based on ID
  • List of the answers from all custom questionnaire submissions
  • The answers from a single submission based on its ID

To retrieve a specific questionnaire, question, or submission, you must first retrieve the full list of questionnaires, questions, or submissions so you can identify the relevant ID.

You can apply filtering to any of these endpoints to return a specific record or a specific range of records.

To learn more, check our API schema.

Custom questionnaire API use case

The custom questionnaire API is a useful tool to extract your employee and guest information and import it into third-party software. How you can do this and what type of data to return depends on the type of software you are integrating with.

A possible use case is connecting the custom questionnaire API with a reporting tool. You can retrieve the answers to your custom questions and analyze them in your reporting tool. You could potentially use a dashboard to monitor this data on an ongoing basis.