Set up your PC to print using Microsoft Edge

Find out how to set up your PC to print labels using Microsoft Edge.
The current version of Edge prevents silent printing from working. If you need silent printing enabled, use Google Chrome while this issue is being resolved by Microsoft.

Before you start

Before you set up your PC to print using Microsoft Edge, make sure you have completed the following setup tasks:

  1. Created a badge pass template
  2. Installed your printer onto your kiosk PC

Configure browser print settings

To set up printing in Microsoft Edge:

  1. Click the menu icon on the top right corner, then select Print.
  2. Select your printer.
  3. Set Copies to 1.
  4. Set Layout to Landscape.
  5. Set Pages to All.
  6. Click More settings.
  7. Set Paper size to match your labels.
  8. Set the scale to 97.
  9. Set Pages per Sheet to 1.
  10. Set margins to Custom, then depending on your browser settings, enter the following margins:

    Side Millimeters Inches
    Left 5 0.19
    Right 2.5 0.1
    Top 2.5 0.1
    Bottom 2.5 0.1
  11. Make sure the checkboxes next to Headers and footers and Background graphics aren't selected.
  12. Click Cancel to exit the print preview.

The print settings will save in your browser. Next, set up silent printing.

Create silent printing shortcut

To enable silent printing mode, create a desktop shortcut for Microsoft Edge, and edit the target in the properties:

  1. Right-click on the Microsoft Edge icon on your desktop or in File Explorer, then select Create shortcut

  2. (Optional) Rename the shortcut for easier recognition.
  3. Right-click on the shortcut, then select Properties.
  4. Select the Shortcut tab.
  5. In the Target field, after what is currently there, enter --kiosk-printing "". Make sure that you have a space between each string.

  6. Click Apply.

When opening this version of Microsoft Edge, labels are printed automatically. Make sure no other windows are open before using this shortcut, or the silent printing won't work.

(Optional) Kiosk mode

Kiosk mode opens the browser in a locked full screen. Users can't access the address bar or browser setting.

To set up kiosk mode:

  1. Right-click on the Microsoft Edge icon on your desktop or in file explorer, then select Properties.
  2. Select the Shortcut tab.
  3. In the Target field, add --kiosk after --kiosk-printing.

  4. Click Apply.
You can only exit kiosk mode by using the keyboard to close the browser or by restarting the computer.