Create a poster to display your sign-in QR codes

Create a poster that displays both your WhosOnLocation sign-in QR code and your government-issued QR code so your guests can sign into both systems easily.

If you need to display your government-issued QR code but don’t want to make changes to your existing kiosk or questionnaire set up, create a dedicated sign-in poster that displays both codes. When the visitor arrives on-site, they will use their smartphone to:

  1. Scan the government QR code
  2. Scan your WhosOnLocation QR code
  3. Complete the sign-in process on their phone, entering their details and answering any custom questions.


Create the poster

To create the poster, you’ll need to:

  1. Generate the government-issued QR code for your location.
  2. Download your WhosOnLocation sign-in QR code.
  3. Download the COVID-19 Customer QR Code poster template. Edit the poster to include your branding and QR codes.

Once you've updated the poster to include your QR codes and branding, print the poster and display it at any of your location's entry points.