Product updates

Keep up to date with what's new in OnLocation. We regularly release new features and improvements.


February 2024 Mobile apps Users now have the ability to edit their profiles in OnLocation Mobile.

Employees now have the ability to edit all their basic custom fields within their profiles.

Users now have the ability to edit their OnLocation profile.

January 2024 Visitors Visitors can submit a visit request form where authorizers can approve, deny, or request a time for the event with a new visit request authorizer user role.
November 2023 Induction notifications Internal/External induction courses now have the ability to receive expiry notifications by selecting a course owner.
  Locations Returning visitors can be remembered by using their name, mobile number or email address when using the Sign in/out kiosks.
  Reporting You can now choose a new custom filter, employee role type, in the People Presence report.
October 2023 Mobile apps

When creating a booking, employees can see who else is scheduled at that time. Choose which schedules will be visible.

Preferences now include when you will receive your schedule reminders.


Replaced deprecated method for SyncPortal Microsoft Online Connector with one that uses Microsoft Graph API’s. 

September 2023 Account settings You can now choose to customize the name that displays on emails and SMS sent by your organization. This does not change the legal account name.
  Get started Across OnLocation, you can now upload image files up to 5MB and a maximum of 6000px wide x 6000px high. 
  SyncPortal New update rule - manage departments and unassign role types. You can now assign employees to departments and unassign role types using update rules in SyncPortal.
  Reporting Included the support for exporting the people presence report based on the current filters
August 2023 Locations Display an acknowledgement notice before your guest signs in. This is useful if you'd like to present a waiver-type notice before guests enter their personal information. 
  Mobile apps Two changes to the My Visitors page: Upcoming events now show the month not weekday and past events no longer display once the visitor signs out.
  Locations The host selection question can now be turned off for visitor pre-registration. If it's disabled, when a visitor is pre-registered, a host employee does not need to be selected.
  Locations If a contractor member's name matches another member in their organization, the kiosk now displays the member's job title to identify the correct member record. 
  API & integrations New API endpoints to manage contractor organizations categories and groups.
July 2023 Get started Introducing UserVoice, a forum for OnLocation users to post their ideas and vote on ideas raised by other users. You can browse, comment, and vote on existing ideas, and raise new ones.
  Visitors Visitor pre-registration has a new, streamlined design. Employees can pre-register a visitor, create visitor groups and maintain a saved visitor list. Frequent visitors are now called saved visitors.
  Get started

We've introduced a new table style across OnLocation. Other changes include: 

  • Search filters for tables are now available by clicking the funnel icon next to the keyword search field.
  • Change the number of records displayed by clicking the Row button on the bottom left of the table, then select the number of rows you'd like to view. 
  • The run action menu is now located in the bottom left corner of the table. 
  Mobile apps

OnLocation Mobile updates:

  • Administrators can choose if employees can pre-register visitors using the app. Both global and location-level settings are available.
  • If enabled, employees will have a new section called My Visitors. They can pre-register visitors and view upcoming visitors in the app.

Two enhancements to trigger notifications:

  • Include custom question answers in your notifications. Add the relevant questions as placeholders in your email template. 
  • Actions now support the use of Liquid templates. Liquid gives users greater control over what shows in email notifications.
  Locations Asset notes are now included in asset reporting, both in OnLocation and in the exported reports.
June 2023 API & integrations New API endpoints to manage assets. Add assets, asset groups and types, and issue and return assets to employees and contractors.
  Reporting Custom questionnaires are now limited in the People Presence report. The report will only show active and archived questionnaires that have been answered within the selected date range.
  Employees You can now remove employee user roles in bulk using the run action menu.
  Locations Change the location name that displays in your visitor pre-registration questionnaires and visitor profiles. 
  Reporting The questionnaire ID is now included in a column in the Custom Questionnaire report.
April 2023 Locations You can now print custom question answers on your badge passes. Use the information switches on the pass template to choose which question you'd like to display.
  Get started Global search in OnLocation now includes records. Search for any record, including kiosks, questionnaires, triggers, user roles and more.
  Account settings Account owners can no longer change their organization name in OnLocation. If you need to change this name, contact the support team
February 2023 Get started Use the myMRI Client Portal to raise support cases, update existing cases, and view your case history. 
  Mobile apps Document upload and certification details custom questions are now supported on OnLocation Mobile.
  Locations Locations in Australia, Canada, and the United States can now select a state or province when entering their address. 
  Reporting The People Presence report for employees now includes a home location column. This provides a quick way to view this information for global roaming employees. 
  Locations Arabic is now available in our multi-language kiosks.
  Locations If you have a location with more than eight zones, any guest signing in on a touchless kiosk will now select their zone from a dropdown list, rather than by tapping a button.
  Get started We've updated the MRI OnLocation Master Subscription Agreement, effective from 1 February 2023.
January 2023 Locations Issue and return assets using the run action menu.
  Reporting The acknowledgment notice report now has a date filter so you can export records for a specific time period.


The induction 'Passed' column in employee and contractor profiles has been renamed 'Completed'. This date shows when the learner passed or failed the course.

December 2022 Get started Click the search icon in the header to search across OnLocation. Add a keyword to search for features, settings, people, and Help Center articles.
  Mobile apps Set global settings for OnLocation Mobile. Choose settings to apply at an organization-wide level. Individual locations can opt to turn off global settings. 
  Mobile apps Nominate an admin contact for OnLocation Mobile so your employees and contractors can ask for help while using the app. This contact can be set up globally or for a location.
  Mobile apps

OnLocation Mobile users can now:


Multi-tenant kiosk improvements:

  • The home screen has a new look and default coloring
  • Each tenant can now display their logo on the home screen
  • Include a QR code on the kiosk home screen for touchless sign in
  • If there are more than 10 tenants, guests can search for an organization or browse the alphabetical list
  Locations Set up triggers to monitor contractors signing in with expired or inactive contracts.
  Inductions The course expiry date is now included on the learner's certificate of learning.
  Locations When guests answer a signature-required custom question, they need to tap the screen before adding their signature
  Mobile apps WolScan has been renamed OnScan and has new colors and branding. Install the latest version of the iOS app to see the changes. 



Phone numbers from Somalia, Kenya, and the Democratic Republic of Congo are now supported in employee and contractor member profiles. 
  Get started The quick start help guide has been removed from the app. To search for articles, use the global search option. Support tickets can be raised from the Help Center
October 2022 Locations Check the new tooltips in Sign In/Out Questions to see the exact questions your guests are asked if you activate a basic question. The answer share setting has been renamed host notification.
  Contractors If you send induction invitations from the Member screen run action menu, there is now a summary pop-up that shows which invites each member will receive. 

Two Contractor Portal enhancements:

  • When you assign a member the Portal User role type in their profile, you are now prompted to send the login permission email to the member. 
  • Portal users can view member induction statuses in the member screen.

The following trigger options are now available:

  • Location name placeholder in notifications
  • Add a custom date range in your days visited trigger rule
  • Add a zone from rule to sign out triggers
  • Add an induction is expiring rule to your contractor sign in triggers
  Hybrid working Print labels for your workspaces so employees can scan the QR code to check its availability and book it using OnLocation Mobile.
  Hybrid working Employees can now schedule when they'll work remotely using the mobile app. They must upgrade to version iOS 1.3.3 or Android 1.4.5 to see this feature.
  Employees Assign the new Certifications Notification Manager role type to any employee that needs to receive certification expiry notifications.  
  Employees The employee user roles export now contains an option to include a detailed view of all user roles. See if an employee has global or limited access, along with the selected locations. 
  Inductions Use the run action menu in the Members screen to send eLearning course invitations to contractors who aren't currently inducted. Select the members, then choose their course status.
  Contractors Check which members have been invited to the Contractor Portal in the Contractor Members screen. 

Include the certification name in your certification expiry emails. Click Apply default settings to see the new placeholder field.
  Locations New notification placeholders are available for visitor, employee, and contractor triggers.
August 2022 Visitors

Improvements to OnPass meeting invites:

  • Administrators can now manage the OnPass email template for their location.
  • If you use automated reminders, choose how soon before the event you'd like to send the third reminder. Previously this was set to one hour before. 
  • The email template has been consolidated into fewer tabs.
  Locations When a contractor signs in, out, or changes zones, a new trigger rule is available that checks if they have a specific insurance policy. 

Two improvements to contractor organizations:

  • You can now use the run action menu to assign multiple organizations to all of your locations. 
  • View the date that an organization was created in OnLocation.
  Contractors View the OnLocation Mobile status for each member in the Contractor Portal Members screen.
  Emergency Set up a trigger to get notified when a new OnEvac event is created. 
  Mobile apps If you use OnLocation Mobile and issue access tokens, app users can add the access token widget to their phone and view any tokens in their access summary.
  Contractors If Contractor Portal users have permission to access insurance policies, you can choose if they can also view, update, or remove insurance policy documents. 

When adding a certification number for an employee or contractor certification, the number must now be unique for that certification type. 
  Contractors You can now filter by location when running the contractor insurance report
  Emergency Multi-language is now supported when using SMS to check if people are safe with OnEvac
July 2022 Sign in/out questions Choose which basic questions employees are asked when they sign in to work remotely. 
  Contractors Automatically update a pending contractor's status when they complete the required inductions.
  Contractors If Contractor Portal users have permission to delete members, you can now choose if the member is deleted from the organization the user is logged into or all organizations the member is linked to in your account.  
  Reporting Keyword search is now available in the geolocation report. Search across the name, title, department, alternative name, and contractor organization fields.  
  Contractors View a contractor member's OnLocation Mobile and push notification status in their profile.
June 2022

Sign in/out questions

Two new custom question types:

  • Document upload - ask employees or guests to either upload a file or take a picture of a document during sign in.
  • Certification details - request certification information from employees or contractors during sign in. 



Three certifications improvements:

  Reporting Choose if Sign In/Out Managers have access to the People Presence report from the Reporting menu.
  Contractors Allow contractors to send OnLocation Mobile activation codes from the Contractor Portal
  Contractors The contractor member list now shows the OnLocation Mobile invite status. 
May 2022 Hybrid working Employee scheduling and workspace booking are now available on OnLocation Mobile for Android.
  Locations View kiosk status logs from your kiosk settings in OnLocation.
  Get started WhosOnLocation is now MRI OnLocation. Our products all have a new look and feel, and some features have a new name. 
April 2022 Hybrid working Try out Employee scheduling. Your employees can use WolMobile for iOS to schedule when they'll be working on-site. Support for Android is coming soon. 
  Hybrid working Join the Desks and spaces open beta. It's used to create bookable desks and spaces in your zones. Employees can book a workspace when signing in or in advance with scheduling on WolMobile for iOS.  
  Integrations Manage employee user roles with the SyncPortal integration. Add an update rule, enter the conditions, then choose the role and permission level.
March 2022 Employees

Qualifications management has been renamed certifications management. Use certifications management to record employee or contractor certifications and upload documents. 
  Inductions Automatically invite employees and contractors to complete a WOL eLearning induction course. Enable auto-invite when creating a new course or updating an existing course. 
  Inductions Choose how you'd like to notify employees and contractors about induction courses. Select email or SMS as the primary contact method, then choose a backup method in case they're missing the preferred method. 
February 2022 COVID-19 NZ Vaccine Pass integration no longer stores vaccine pass data by default. To continue capturing this data, update the retention policy settings in Sign In/Out Questions. 
  COVID-19 Verify New Zealand vaccine passes during sign in or visitor pre-registration. Enable the integration, then choose who must validate their passes, and which methods you'd like to use. 
January 2022 Mobile apps Choose if employees can self-register to use WolMobile without requiring an invitation from an administrator. 
  Mobile apps Assign employees and contractors the SOS Responder role from the WolMobile SOS tab
  Reporting When you click on a month in the Notification Summary, you can now export the data as a CSV file.
December 2021 Integrations New site for the WhosOnLocation API, including an improved interface, more contextual information, and all documentation is now in the same site. 
  Visitors Send visitors their pre-registration invitation email and WolPass in your default language. Enable the multi-language add-on to change your location's default language. 
  Emergency Employees can now view their WolEvac code in My Profile. If their email or mobile number is loaded into WhosOnLocation, they can send themselves a copy. 
  Visitors If you're using the flag record trigger to monitor visitor pre-registration questionnaires, select the checkbox in the Actions tab to prevent additional events reminders from being sent. 
  Get started Check out our recent product changes by clicking View recent updates in the Help menu in WhosOnLocation. 
  Integrations The Application Developer and API Agreement (formerly API Terms of Use) is now located on the website. When you add a new API key, you must agree to the terms of the agreement.
  Contractors Use the run action menu to give selected contractor organization members access to a location, or remove their access. 
  Employees When a contractor or visitor selects their host on the kiosk, they can now see the employee's photo
  Get started Updated Master Subscription Agreement and Application Developer and API Agreement, effective from 8 December 2021. 
November 2021 Reporting View employee and contractor custom fields in the People Presence report. Use the view columns menu to expand each profile tab, then choose the fields to view in the report. 
  Mobile apps Flip WolMobile to the side to show your access summary to frontline staff. It changes color if you have signed in and shows that you meet any entry requirements, including location permission, inductions, or qualifications.
October 2021 Badge passes & ID cards The advanced printing Meadco ScriptX plugin has been removed as Internet Explorer is no longer supported. Switch to a supported browser to ensure badge pass printing is not impacted. 
  Reporting View employee and contractor custom question answers in the People Presence report. Filter by questionnaire to view the answers, then export the report as a CSV file to save a copy.
  Contractors Choose the audience for insurance policy types and contract types. Each type can apply to all contractors, contractors with access to select locations, or contractors linked to specific categories or groups.
September 2021 Visitors Send questionnaires to pre-registered visitors before they visit. When a visitor is pre-registered, they'll receive an email asking them to complete their visitor profile. 
  Sign in/out questions New document upload custom question for visitor pre-registration. Ask your visitors to upload a document before they arrive on-site.
  Locations Set up triggers to monitor visitors pre-registered to visit your location. Flag incomplete questionnaires, or notify people about specific answers. 
August 2021 Reporting The People Presence report now includes sign in/out data for any locations that have been made inactive in the last 90 days. 
  Locations If an employee or contractor signs in as a visitor, kiosks can now match their name and check if they should sign in using the correct person type. Turn on visitor name match in your kiosk settings.
  Get started Our Help Center has a new look and feel. Check out the new article style, revised category structure, single product updates article, and simplified search results.
  Sign in/out questions Global Question Managers can now clone a questionnaire that has been created by a location and activate it across multiple locations. 
  Sign in/out questions Manage custom questionnaires across locations with Global Sign In/Out Questions. Questionnaire Manager in the Locations menu has been renamed Sign In/Out Questions.
  Locations Sign in/out kiosks accessibility improvements. All images have alt tags, interactive elements have labels, and are 'tabbable'. This ensures they can be navigated by a keyboard or screen reader.  
July 2021 Employees Filter by home location when searching for access token holders.
May 2021 Locations Use the modern theme on your sign in/out kiosks. This theme is more accessible and includes a larger font, stronger color contrast, centered text, and buttons.
  Locations Turn off global roaming employees’ permission to host visitors or contractors at a location.
  Employees Employees Permissions tab includes the settings allowing employees to work remotely, host visitors as global roamers, sign in pre-registered visitors.
  Locations Windows desktop and tablet kiosks can now scan QR codes using a front-facing camera.
April 2021 Mobile apps Set up custom shape or multiple geofences so your WolMobile users can automatically sign in or out of your location.
  Mobile apps Choose how you’d like to report on your WolMobile users’ geolocation data.
  Employees Export a CSV file of your employees’ user roles.
  Sign in/out questions Employees and guests can now answer sign in/out questions by selecting a date.
  Mobile apps A new version of the WolScan iOS app simplifies the scanning process, supports Australian driver licenses, and can be used on iPads.
  Integrations Use the SCORM Cloud integration to deliver online SCORM induction courses to your learners.
  Integrations The OneLogin Sync integration connects your OneLogin employee directory with WhosOnLocation.
February 2021 Get started The WhosOnLocation web application has a new look: new coloring, font, and buttons. Admins now also have a new Locations menu.
  Contractors Service providers are now called contractors. You’ll now see the term contractor throughout our products, Help Center, website.
  Visitors If your organization uses custom fields in your employee and contractor profiles, use the View Columns menu to see these fields in Sign In/Out Manager.
  Locations Turkish is now available in our multi-language kiosks.
December 2020 Locations The Account Owner can now automatically erase employee, contractor, or visitor records. Erasing a record removes any personal information or custom question submissions.
  Reporting View visitors’ questionnaires and their answers to the questions in the People Presence report.
  Reporting When exporting the People Presence report, choose to export the answers to custom questions. Available for visitor, employee, and contractor questionnaires.
  Locations Thai is now available in our multi-language kiosks.
  Mobile apps Remove a user’s access to WolMobile, either deactivate it in their profile or run a bulk action for multiple users.
  Locations Czech, Hungarian, Portuguese, and Romanian are now available in our multi-language kiosks.
  Get started We’ve updated the Privacy Policy and ANZ Privacy Statement to align with the new NZ Privacy Act and Privacy Principles.
November 2020 Employees

Enable the custom fields add-on so you can add new fields and tabs to your employee and contractor profiles.
  Locations Simplified Chinese is now available in our multi-language kiosks.
  Integrations Connect your WhosOnLocation account with Amazon’s virtual assistant Alexa to hear customized announcements.
  Locations Japanese and Korean are now available in our multi-language kiosks.
  Locations Use QR code posters so your employees and guests can sign in without touching a kiosk.
  Locations Customize the mobile sign in experience for your guests. Choose the theme, language, layout colors, and upload your company's logo.
  Locations There is now a Printing tab in the kiosk settings. Enable print sharing and manage badge pass printing in this tab.
  Locations Two changes to the kiosk settings Notifications tab: the Contractor Help tab and Delivery Notifications tab are now located here.
  Locations New Primary Function field on the Location Details screen. It’s used to help us understand who is using our software.
October 2020 Contractors Give contractor members permission to add, edit or delete member profiles, insurance policies, or contracts in the Contractor Portal.
  Contractors Contractor Portal change notifications are now bundled together and send after 30 minutes of inactivity.
Add new, update existing, or delete employees in a single CSV file import. Also available for contractor organizations and members.
  Visitors Update the sign in/out manager settings to choose what questions are presented to guests using a badge pass, WolPass, or visitor card.
September 2020 Locations Choose which sign in methods you’d like basic questions to be presented on: Sign in/out manager, kiosk, or WolMobile.
  Locations Employees can now host visiting employees. When an employee signs in, a notification is sent to the host employee.
  Sign in/out questions Custom questions are now available on WolMobile and Sign In/Out Manager.
  Visitors Update the Sign In/Out Manager settings to choose what questions are presented to employees or guests when signing in.
July 2020 Locations Introducing touchless kiosks. To sign in, guests can scan the QR code on the kiosk, then complete the sign-in process on their smartphone.
  Visitors Change the company name on your WolPass.
  Mobile apps The new version of WolMobile for Android has a setting to improve location accuracy for automatic sign in/out.
  Inductions New three-month renewal timeframe for inductions. Learners now have up to 10 attempts to pass an induction course.
  Sign in/out questions When using custom questions, you can now choose to display questions once per day.
June 2020 Locations Sign people in/out by scanning in Sign In/Out Manager.
  Contractors Temporary location access for contractors. Add this information while adding a contractor.
  Inductions Deny access to a location when an induction course expires.
  Badge passes & ID cards New ID card template to add a large name field. Options to add a background image, first name, and job title.
May 2020 Badge passes & ID cards Use print requests to manage the printing of ID cards.
  Employees Employees with the Identity Manager user role can assign tokens to employees or contractors.
April 2020 Employees Allow employees to sign in to work remotely.
  Contractors New contractor member permissions – banned status and permitted dates.
  Locations Set up a trigger to notify people when someone is denied access to sign in.
December 2019 Integrations Brivo integration now has contractor, token, and automatic syncing.
  Locations Guests can now use their native keyboard while signing in or out on a kiosk.
November 2019 Mobile apps The new version of WolMobile includes auto sign in/out, SOS alerts, and contractors can sign into multiple organizations.
October 2019 Locations Send instant messages and present acknowledgment notices during sign in/out with the new important notices add-on.
August 2019 Badge passes & ID cards Connect your Brother QL-820NWB printer to your iPad using Bluetooth.
  Mobile apps Background processing for WolGuard.
  Locations Verify your address in the Location Details screen using Google address authenticator.
  Badge passes & ID cards New ID card template to display a photo or QR code in the center of the card.
July 2019 Integrations Webhooks integration allows your cloud-based applications to share information with each other.
  Integrations Alcolizer integration enables you to connect a breathalyzer to your kiosk to test visitors as they sign in.
  Locations Te Reo Māori and Danish are now available in our multi-language kiosks.
  Visitors Make photo capture mandatory for all visitors.
May 2019 Employees Allow employees permission to sign in their visitors and choose if locations can override this permission.
  Locations Norwegian and Finnish are now available in our multi-language kiosks.
  Locations Multi-language guest arrival notifications can now be sent to employees in your default language.
  Inductions The Induction Manager user role now has two permission levels: global and limited for select locations.
February 2019 Locations New multi-language add-on provides support for English, Dutch, French, German, Italian, Polish, Spanish, and Swedish.
December 2018 Mobile apps Introducing WolScan, an iOS app for ID scanning. Use it to capture and record a visitor’s photo ID.
  Inductions Export the results of failed induction courses.
  Contractors Use the run action menu to send your contractors invites to the Contractor Portal.
  Badge passes & ID cards We now support kiosk printing using Chrome and a new silent printing method for Firefox.
  Locations In Questionnaire Manager, allow visitors to skip the organization question or disable it so it is not presented to visitors.
September 2018 Locations Add multiple images to a custom question.
  Locations Choose if you want to display a disclaimer below the photo capture during sign in.
  Locations Set a kiosk rule to use the location defaults for question rules.
  Contractors New data access permissions for Contractor Portal users.
  Locations Kiosks that are set up to record deliveries can now require the delivery agent to enter the sender’s details or tracking number.
  Locations Automatically print a duplicate visitor pass directly from the kiosk.
  Sign in/out questions Edit custom questions that are active on a kiosk.
  Contractors Choose if changes to insurance settings should apply to all insurance policies.
  Mobile apps WolMobile (Legacy) push notifications allow you to send instant visitor notifications to employees.
August 2018 Get started To strengthen the security of our customer’s data, WhosOnLocation will no longer support TLS 1.0 or TLS 1.1.
June 2018 Contractors Manage a portal user's ability to add internal, external, and online induction courses in the Contractor Portal.
  Inductions Choose who receives pass/fail notifications and if you want to send learners their induction certificate when they pass an online course.
  Inductions Remove an induction course that has records attached.
  Locations The waiver and signature are now shown as one document on the kiosk.
  Locations Enable quick token scan for contractors to speed up the sign in process.
  Get started Trial customers now have a countdown timer in the header to keep track of how many days are left in their trial.
May 2018 Get started General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) features, including the ability to erase visitor data, privacy disclaimer for photo capture, and visitor opt-in to be remembered by a kiosk or Sign In/Out Manager.
  Badge passes & ID cards Badge passes for employees and rules to only print passes in specific scenarios.
  Locations Send trigger notifications to contractors with specific contact role types.
April 2018 Locations Add an inter-zone kiosk so people can switch zones as they move around your location.
  Sign in/out questions Customize the questions asked at your kiosk to improve flexibility for different kiosks across your locations.
  Locations New trigger events and rules: Switch zone events activate when a person type switches zones; time elapsed events activate once a person has been signed in for a specified amount of time; add zone to and zone from rules.
January 2018 Integrations Use the SyncPortal integration to sync your employee information in WhosOnLocation with any third-party employee database system.
  Mobile apps Choose to have employee or contractor geolocation data sent from WolMobile Legacy automatically.
  Reporting Report on the acknowledgment notices that are presented to people on sign in or out and view their responses.
  Badge passes & ID cards Display the duration on-site for pre-registered visitor badge passes.
November 2017 Locations Multi-Tenant Sign In/Out Manager allows for one WhosOnLocation account to manage the visitors for all organizations with a shared reception.
  Badge passes & ID cards A new ID card template that includes a bigger QR code and phone.
  Emergency Call an employee or contractor from WolEvac during an evacuation event.
October 2017 Employees New non-host employee role type. When an employee is assigned to this role type, their name will not appear on your visitor kiosk.
  Locations Enable quick token scan for employees to speed up the sign in process.
  Employees Remove an employee’s access to WhosOnLocation.
  Contractors Choose a contact person to list on your Contractor Portal invite.
  Locations Dark theme for sign in/out kiosks. Add it in kiosk settings layout tab.
  Locations Capture a visitor’s signature when they agree to a waiver.
  Locations Customize your acknowledgment notice settings: edit the button wording, choose if a response is required, change the font size, and preview your settings.
  Locations New trigger based on how a guest acknowledges your acknowledgment notice.
  Contractors  Change the status of insurance policies to inactive.
August 2017 Locations Use watchlists to automatically check for visitors when they arrive on-site and notify nominated people of their presence.
  Contractors Add documents to contractor notes.
  Visitors Visitors can now be pre-registered using a CSV template. The file includes basic questions.
July 2017 Badge passes & ID cards Create your own ID cards for employees and contractors.
  Contractors Add documents to contractor insurances and contracts.
  Locations Names are now automatically capitalized in WolKiosk.
June 2017 Contractors Add notes for contractor members and organizations.
  Inductions Add documents to a learner’s internal or external induction course record.
  Contractors Make contract information editable, read-only, or hidden for Contractor Portal users.
  Visitors Sign In/Out Managers can now send a WolPass to a pre-registered visitor.
  Visitors WolPass can now be sent automatically to your pre-registered visitors.
  Contractors Add your contractor contract details, start and end dates, and set up expiry notification emails, and upload documents.
  Visitors Automatically resend your WolPass to a visitor as a reminder prior to the event.
  Contractors With the Contractor Portal, your contractors can add and manage information about their own organizations and members.
May 2017 Visitors Global roaming employees can now pre-register visitors using calendar invites integration.
  Integrations Add keywords that can be used as substitutes for the location name when creating a calendar invite.
  Locations Set triggers based on the answers to kiosk custom questions. Configure this in the Trigger Rules tab.
  Locations Add a trigger to restrict the number of times a guest can visit a location. Configure this in the Trigger Rules tab.
  Locations Enable camera scan on your iPad kiosk to scan QR codes on badge passes and WolPasses.
  Locations Change the visitor and employee button labels on sign in/out kiosks.
  Locations Disable host remembrance so that visitors must select a host each time they visit.
Enter a qualification reference and set up qualification expiry notifications.
  Employees Disable multiple employees’ visitor notifications using the run action menu.
  Contractors The contractors' member list now shows how many organizations the member belongs to.
April 2017 Locations Manage deliveries to your location using your kiosk or sign in/out manager.
  Locations Add triggers to automatically sign people in or out.
  Locations Clone a trigger to multiple locations.
  Employees New activated employee status. This shows that an employee has clicked their account activation link but not yet signed into WhosOnLocation.
  Locations New Notifications tab in the kiosk settings.
  Locations Connect your iPad kiosk to a printer using an IP address.
March 2017 Emergency Panic alarm is a safety tool that enables your Sign In/Out Managers to request immediate assistance.
  Locations Create an acknowledgment notice to notify visitors of temporary hazards or one-off events. Notices can now be displayed at sign or sign out.
  Locations New area/zone signed into trigger placeholder. This allows you to notify people when a person signs into an area or zone within a location.
  Locations New duration on-site trigger rule allows you to set up actions based on the duration that a guest or employee selects when they sign in.
  Visitors New more actions button in Sign In/Out Manager which includes links to the panic alarm and onsite summary.
  Get started New names for some features: sign in/out manager replaces location manager, sign in/out kiosks replace visitor kiosks, and sign in notifications replace visitor notifications.
  Visitors Add a QR code to your WolPass template.
  Inductions Set up a dedicated kiosk at your location so employees and contractors can complete online induction courses.
  Locations Contractors signing into a kiosk can now ask for help. Configure who will receive help requests in your kiosk settings.
  Visitors Choose your visitor kiosk sign out settings. Visitors can sign out by either matching their full name or first or last name.
  Get started New quick search help tool available for all users in the WhosOnLocation header.
  Sign in/out questions Set up employee sign in questions so they can sign in with a token but must still answer basic questions each time they sign in.
  Get started WhosOnLocation has a new status page. If there is any disruption to our service, view real-time status updates here.
  Visitors See which locations have WolPass enabled in WolPass Manager.
  Inductions When manually adding an internal or external induction course, there is now a Yesterday shortcut link.
  Integrations Use the calendar invites integration to pre-register visitors while adding a meeting in your calendar.
  Locations New triggers – now notify an employee when a visitor chooses a host that is not on-site (use the Visitor - Host Status rule); provide zone-specific instructions to a visitor (use the Visitor - Zone rule).
  Inductions Attach documents to your internal or external induction course.
  Badge passes & ID cards Scan an ID card to sign a visitor out of your location.
  Locations You no longer need to choose an archive date when setting up an acknowledgment notice.
February 2017 Badge passes & ID cards New badge pass labels supported.
  Locations Host badge pass authorization is now available on WolKiosk.
December 2016 Locations Host badge pass authorization ensures that visitor badge passes can only be printed by the host. Available with Windows kiosks.
  Locations Time formats can now be displayed in two ways: 24 hour (17:00) or AM/PM (5:00PM). An Administrator can update this in your location details.
  Inductions When sending an induction course invite to learners, you now have a filter enabling you to view a list of who has and has not been invited by organization.
  Employees Once you’ve archived an in-app message,  delete it permanently by clicking the delete icon.
  Inductions Clone an induction course.
  Locations Set up kiosk notifications so you’re notified when badge pass labels are running low or have run out, or when the kiosk is offline.
  Reporting Check who has pre-registered a visitor in the people presence report. Click View Columns to add the Pre-registered By column.
  Locations New trigger rules – purpose of visit trigger rule, and induction course never passed trigger rule.
  Inductions When adding up an induction course, set the renewal period to five years.
  Badge passes & ID cards Include a visitor’s photo when printing a badge pass.
  Locations Clone a trigger to another location.
  Locations New trigger rule for triggers so visitors who misspell their name or organization can still be identified in WhosOnLocation. Select Fuzzy Match in the trigger rule, then choose a percentage.
  Locations Auto-connect for WolKiosk app. If WolKiosk loses its internet connection, the app will now attempt to reconnect.
  Employees Remove employees while importing an updated CSV file of your location’s employees. Select the Remove Missing Records checkbox.
  Locations Visitor SMS notifications now have ‘Do Not Reply’ at the end of the message.
  Contractors Export your list of contractor organizations using filters.
August 2016 Locations New lone worker trigger, send overdue alerts.
  Locations Use photo capture to take a photo of someone who is signing in. This photo can also be included in the visitor notification email
  Locations The host’s photo now displays on your kiosk alongside the welcome greeting.
March 2016 Reporting Custom questionnaire report lists questionnaires that are active, inactive and archived by kiosk.
  Get started Click the favorite icon in the top right corner of a screen to create a shortcut.
  Visitors Send your pre-registered visitors email confirmation using WolPass.
November 2015 Employees
The qualifications management add-on helps you keep track of your employees’ and contractors’ qualifications.
September 2015 Emergency WolEvac is an evacuation management tool for mobile. Verify the safety of people on-site, record which zones are clear, view post-evacuation reports.
  Locations With the asset management add-on, create asset groups and types, enter assets and issue them out to employees or contractors.
  Contractors Record contractor insurance policies. Enter the details, group policies by type, and set up expiry notifications.
August 2015 Locations Returning visitors are now asked to confirm that they are visiting the same person as last time.
  Locations Turn off the sign in summary screen in your kiosk. Select Bypass Summary Screen in Questionnaire Manager.
July 2015 Badge passes & ID cards Badge pass updates – Create different badge passes for different people types; apply specific badge pass templates to different kiosks; name badge pass templates.
  Contractors Record tokens in contractor profiles.
March 2015 Locations Updated Location Manager screen.
February 2015 Locations Customize the instructions on a sign in/out kiosk. Choose if you’d like to make the message scroll across the screen.
  Reporting In reports, select from three pre-set reporting periods: Past 12 months, past 30 days, past 7 days.
January 2015 Reporting Add custom filters to your reports.
December 2014 Locations Change the background image (KioskSlide) on a sign in/out kiosk.
August 2014 Locations If you’ve created visitor records for testing, you can now remove them.
  Locations Remove a location that you no longer need.
  Locations Set up multiple recipients to be notified when a visitor arrives on site but does not select a host.
  Sign in/out questions Visitors can now be issued with an ID card. Set this up in visitor basic questions.
  Locations Set up auto timeout for your kiosk.
  Employees Each employee now has a message inbox. Choose what types of communication you would like to receive from WhosOnLocation.
July 2014 Locations Personalize your visitor arrival email signature.
  Employees New IT Support user role provides access rights to security, employee management, and Integration functions.
  Visitors Employees can update their frequent visitor list using a CSV template. They can also add or remove multiple visitors to a group.
  Locations Make host selection mandatory for visitors signing in.
  Reporting The People Presence report now shows which user or kiosk signed a visitor in. Select Signed in By in the View Columns menu.
  Locations Sign In/Out Managers can scan a visitor out without clicking the Sign Out button.
  Badge passes & ID cards A new smaller badge pass is now supported: 70mm x 54mm label from Dymo.
June 2014 Integrations SyncPortal is an integration designed to sync your employee information in WhosOnLocation with an external data source like your Active Directory.
May 2014 Locations Use an iPad for your sign in/out kiosk.
  Locations Manage car parking at your location using Questionnaire Manager.
November 2013 Employees Use the employee in and out board for iPad to manage employee attendance. Install the WolKiosk app to use this feature.
  Badge passes & ID cards Pre-print visitor passes before they arrive on-site.