Show your access summary in WolMobile

Open WolMobile and flip your phone horizontally to show your access summary to frontline staff. It includes key information like your name, location permissions, inductions, and when you signed in.


How it works

WolMobile includes an in-built access summary for each user. It displays when the user flips their phone horizontally while on either the home screen or their profile.

The access summary can be used like a digital ID card. Employees or contractors can show it to frontline staff as they enter a location, who can check that they've signed in and meet the entry requirements for the site.

The summary header is pink if the user has signed in or grey if they are signed out.

The access summary contains the following information:

Name Title/Position Location access
Sign in location, date, and time QR code to sign in/out Inductions
Photo Phone number Qualifications
Organization name Email address Contractor ID (contractors only)

Show your access summary

To view the access summary when signed in:

  1. Open WolMobile, then sign in. 
  2. Flip your phone horizontally to view your basic information.

  3. Swipe left to view your location access.

    Any location you have access to will display. If a location has a denied status, the date you're permitted on-site may have expired, or you're missing the required induction or qualification. 

    Contractors only: Tap the organization name to switch organizations and view your access to their locations. 

  4. Swipe left to view your inductions.

  5. Swipe left to view your qualifications.

  6. Flip your phone back to portrait mode to close the summary.