Set up the NZ Vaccine Pass integration

Help keep your workplace safe by verifying vaccine passes. The NZ Vaccine Pass integration incorporates pass verification into your existing sign-in or visitor pre-registration workflow.

How it works

Ask visitors, employees, or contractors to present their vaccine pass for verification while signing into your location, or while completing their pre-visit questionnaire. Their sign in record will show that their pass has been verified. 

The integration connects MRI OnLocation with the New Zealand Vaccine Pass verification system. This integration is available for New Zealand locations and can only verify vaccine passes issued in New Zealand.

Once you've enabled the integration, choose your locations and select who can verify their passes: visitors, employees, or contractors. You can also choose the methods that you'll use to verify passes:

  • Sign in/out kiosks – only standard kiosks with a barcode scanner, touchless kiosks, and QR code posters
  • Sign In/Out Manager with a barcode scanner
  • Visitor pre-registration

Choose how frequently people must verify their pass, if you'd like to capture the pass data and how long to retain this information, whether to display a privacy statement, and customize the privacy disclaimer displayed on your kiosk and in Sign In/Out Manager. 

Before you set up the integration, view an overview of how vaccine passes are verified with each sign in method. 

Privacy and data capture

When the integration is enabled, the default setting is that no vaccine pass data is captured and stored in OnLocation. It only records that a vaccine pass has been verified. 

Each location can choose to enable data capture if they require specific vaccine pass information in their reporting. Fields include:

  • Name
  • Expiry date
  • Date of birth

The captured data is retained for the duration of the retention policy and is erased after this date. This data is linked to the person's sign in record in the People Presence report. Only users with the Reports Manager and Sign In/Out Manager user role can access this data. 

If both data capture and answer share are enabled, the vaccine pass name and/or expiry date are included in the host email notification. If data capture isn't enabled, it will only show that the pass has been verified. 

If you choose to capture vaccine pass data, it’s important that the disclaimer is updated to reflect what data is captured and for what purpose. 

Default settings

The following default settings are active when you enable the integration:

  • Vaccine pass question is activated and must be answered on a kiosk, with Sign In/Out Manager, and during visitor pre-registration (if visitors are selected when enabling the integration).
  • Pass verification status is shared with the host (answer share).
  • Vaccine passes must be verified every visit.
  • The retention policy is set to Do not store.
  • A privacy statement will show on the kiosk and in Sign In/Out Manager using the default disclaimer text: 

    Your New Zealand vaccine pass is verified as a requirement of entering this location. No personal information is collected or stored when verifying your pass.

Any of these settings, including data capture, can be updated by an Administrator in the location's Sign In/Out Questions

Technical requirements

Due to hardware limitations and the small size of the vaccine pass QR code, many mobile or web cameras cannot successfully scan the QR code.

To ensure your guests don't have an issue scanning passes, you must use a barcode scanner with your standard kiosk or the computer Sign In/Out Manager runs on. Find out which scanners we recommend for use with OnLocation. 

Alternatively, use a touchless kiosk or create a QR code poster so people can upload a PDF or screenshot of their pass on their smartphones. 


Step 1: Enable the NZ Vaccine Pass Integration

Only the employees with the Account Owner or IT Support user role can enable an integration. 

  1. Go to Tools > Account.
  2. Select Integrations from the menu on the left.
  3. Click NZ Vaccine Pass
  4. Click Enable, then click Confirm.  

  5. Select the New Zealand locations you'd like to enable the integration for.
  6. Click Run an Action, select Change Status to, then select Enable
  7. Click Run Action.
  8. Enable vaccine pass verification for each guest type: Employees, Visitors, Contractors
  9. Click Save

Step 2: Configure your NZ Vaccine Pass settings

If you don't want to use the default vaccine pass settings, employees with the Administrator user role can customize the settings in Sign In/Out Questions. This is optional, and you can start using the integration without changing these settings. 

To update the settings:  

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Sign In/Out Questions.
  3. Select the Visitors, Contractors, or Employees tab, then select the Health and Safety tab.
  4. Select Activate next to Vaccine Pass, then choose if it's required and if the answer should be shared in the host email notification.
  5. Select the advanced options icon, then choose which methods vaccine pass verification should be activated for: Sign In/Out Manager, Kiosk, Visitor Profile. For each option, you can also set if it is required. 
  6. Choose the frequency that the visitor must present their pass: Until ExpiryEvery Visit, 30 days, 90 days, 180 days, 1 year
  7. Set the retention policy, either keep it set to Do not store, or choose the length of time: Until Expiry7 days30 days90 days, 180 days365 days (1 year), 730 days (2 years), Indefinite
  8. If you have chosen to retain vaccine pass data, select what data you would like to capture: Name, Issued date, Expiry date, Date of birth.  
  9. Select the checkbox next to Privacy Statement to display a disclaimer.
  10. Check the default disclaimer, you may need to update the text so it accurately reflects what data your organization is storing.
  11. Click Save

Next step: If you are using sign in/out kiosks, check the kiosk settings Question Rules tab to make sure the vaccine pass is activated for this kiosk. If you have the Location Defaults checkbox selected, you won't need to change anything.