Introduction: Employee scheduling

With employee scheduling, employees can use OnLocation Mobile to schedule where they'll be working. 

About scheduling

With the Employee Scheduling add-on, employees can use OnLocation Mobile to schedule where they'll be working. They can select if they'll be working on-site or remotely. With employee scheduling, you can manage occupancy levels across your location. 

Employees can set their schedule for full, partial, or multiple days, and if the Desks and Spaces add-on is also enabled, employees can book a workspace when setting their schedule. 

The front-of-house staff clearly knows who is scheduled in Sign In/Out Manager, along with the zone and space they're booked into. There is also a dedicated Scheduling Report, and workspace allocation is shown in the People Presence report.

Get set up

To start using employee scheduling, you'll need to set up the following:  

  1. Enable the add-on and choose your scheduling settings.
  2. (Optional) Set up the paid Desks and Spaces add-on so employees can book a workspace while confirming their schedule.
  3. Update the area/zone selection question in each location's Sign In/Out Questions, so it's activated for Scheduling. 
  4. If you aren't already using OnLocation Mobile, enable the integration and configure the settings
  5. Let your staff know how scheduling on OnLocation Mobile works and ask them to install the most recent version of OnLocation Mobile for iOS. 

Manage employee scheduling

To manage employee scheduling on an ongoing basis: 

Coming soon

Several enhancements are coming soon for employee scheduling:  

  • Enable custom questionnaires for scheduling. Employees will receive a questionnaire when they make a booking.
  • View other employees’ schedules on OnLocation Mobile.

Keep an eye on our product updates to see when the enhancements are released.