Changelog 79 – WolScan improvements and new integrations

We've made improvements to the WolScan mobile app and released two new integrations: OneLogin Sync to connect your employee directory with WhosOnLocation, and SCORM Cloud, a hosting platform for SCORM induction courses.


WolScan is an iOS app used to scan and record visitor ID cards. We’ve just released a new version of the app that simplifies the scanning process, supports Australian driver licenses, and can now be used on iPads.

Download the new version in the App Store.




There’s now a new type of induction course in WhosOnLocation: SCORM Cloud.

SCORM refers to a set of technical standards used for online learning systems. Courses built using SCORM can include a range of content types, including animation, audio, and interactive modules.

SCORM courses are built in a separate authoring tool, hosted in SCORM Cloud, then delivered to your learners through WhosOnLocation.

To learn more about how the SCORM Cloud integration works, check the Help Center.

OneLogin Sync

Set up the OneLogin Sync integration to synchronize your OneLogin employee directory with WhosOnLocation. The automatic daily sync will ensure that you only need to manage your employee list in one place.

You can configure the settings to restrict what data is imported, choose how you’d like to manage WhosOnLocation access permissions, and set when you’d like the sync to occur.

Learn more about the OneLogin Sync integration.


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