Changelog 80 – Custom shaped and multiple geofences for WolMobile

In this release, we’ve added more functionality for WolMobile geofences, added geolocation reporting settings, provided a new custom question type, and you can now export a list of your employee’s user roles.   



Auto sign in/out with WolMobile requires that a location has a geofence to detect a user’s proximity to your location. In addition to circle geofences, WolMobile now supports:

  • Custom-shaped geofences – draw a geofence with at least three sides. You can tailor the geofence so it works with your site’s exact requirements.
  • Multiple geofences – if you have a large location or campus, add up to five geofences. Assign each geofence to a different zone.

Learn more about how to set up a geofence.

To use the new geofence settings, make sure that your WolMobile users have installed iOS 1.2.2 or Android 1.3.4.


Geolocation reporting

If auto sign in/out is enabled, WolMobile uses location services to identify a user’s location. This geolocation data is visible in your People Presence report, Geolocation report, and dashboards (if enabled).

You can now update your WolMobile settings to choose what type of geolocation data is used in reports. 


Custom questions date field

We’ve added a new custom question type for dates.

Your employees or guests can answer a question by selecting a date during the sign in process.


Export employee user roles

If you've assigned user roles to your organization's employees, you can download a CSV file that lists their roles.

You'll receive an in-app message letting you know when the file is ready to download. 


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