Changelog 82 – New kiosk theme and global roaming setting

New kiosk theme

We have released a new modern theme for sign in/out kiosks. This theme is more accessible and includes:

  • Larger font
  • Stronger color contrast
  • Centered text and buttons

When a guest or employee signs in or out using the kiosk, each screen will include these elements.

To use this theme, an Administrator can update existing kiosks by selecting the modern theme in the kiosk settings layout tab. All new kiosks will have this theme by default.

We’ve also made improvements to the language in some of the basic questions.


Turn off guest hosting for global roamers

Locations can now turn off global roaming employees’ permission to host visitors or contractors.

If this setting is turned off, guests can no longer select global roaming employees while selecting their host.

Update this setting in the location’s Employees Permission tab.


Employees Permission tab

The location’s employee section now has a Permission tab that includes the following settings:


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