Custom questionnaire reports

The custom questionnaire reports are used to view the answers given to custom questionnaires across your locations. You must have the Reports Manager user role to access reports.

Use these reports to keep track of the answers people have given for custom questions, including any documents they have provided during sign in.

You can view custom questions from any location and you can only view results from one custom questionnaire at a time.

Run the report

  1. Go to Reporting > Custom Questionnaire Reports
  2. Select the status of your questionnaire:

    Active are currently assigned to a kiosk

    Inactive are not assigned to a kiosk

    Archived cannot be assigned to a kiosk
  3. Select your questionnaire, only questionnaires with the selected status will appear.
  4. If you are searching for responses from a particular person, enter this in the Keyword Search field.
  5. Click Search.


Report fields

There are some fields that are standard across the reports for all custom questionnaires:

  • Submitted - The date and time the custom questionnaire was answered
  • Location - The location where the questionnaire was answered
  • Questionnaire Name - The name given to the questionnaire when it is set up
  • Questionnaire Audience - The type of people that are asked to take the questionnaire, visitors, employees, or contractors
  • Questionnaire Frequency - How often the questionnaire needs to be taken, can be set to any frequency
  • Responder Name - The name of the person who took the questionnaire

Click View Columns to select the custom question answers you would like to see in the report.

Any blank fields are questions that were not asked due to the question tree.


You can export the report you are viewing by clicking the Export Report as CSV button.

The CSV file will show all possible fields for that report including columns that are not currently being viewed.