Geolocation report

Learn how to access the Geolocation report. You need the Reports Manager user role to access this report.

Use geolocation reporting with WolMobile to:

  • Show the last reported location of employees and/or contractors when using WolMobile.
  • View the location of fixed assets that have a geolocation entered.
  • Gain extra information when a location pin is clicked.
  • Sort location pins by employee, contractor, or assets.
  • Filter on live or view historical data of who is on site.

To use the geolocation report, go to Reporting > Geolocation and set the filters for the information you want to view.


Map information

The map will include pins for employees, contractors and/or assets that match the filters you have chosen:

  • Pink pins – employees
  • Blue pins – contractors
  • Yellow pins – assets

Each pin has a number which indicates who the employee, contractor, or what the asset is. You can match the number with the name under Results on the left.

Click on a pin or name to display the profile and geolocation information about the employee, contractor, or asset.

If multiple employees or contractors are in the same area, a purple 'cluster' pin will show with the number of individual pins it represents in teal. Click on one of these cluster pins to zoom in to see each of the individual pins.

If there is no information available, the map will have no pins and will be centered over New Zealand.

Map information does not update in real time, click Update Map Data to ensure you are viewing the most up-to-date information if you have been on the page for a long time.

Geolocation report showing the details of the employee.png


Use filters to customize your geolocation reporting. You can filter on:

  • Location – For on-site people, this is the location they are currently signed into. For off-site employees and assets, this is their home location.
  • Status – See all pins, those currently on-site, those currently working remotely, or employees who are off-site.
  • Type – The type of pins you want included in your report. You are able to choose from employees, contractors, and/or assets (see below for further details on pins).
  • Time Range – Set the time range for the data you want to include in your report. Assets will always show because they have a fixed geolocation. Employees and/or contractors will show if they have sent their geolocation using WolMobile within the selected time range.
  • Filter – Search filter to find specific employees and/or contractors.