Geolocation Report

Shows the location of any assets, service providers, employees, and vehicles that have the geolocation enabled. You must be a Reports User to access the Geolocation Report.

To accurately track the location of your employees, service providers, and assets, WhosOnLocation provides geolocation abilities through Asset Manager and WolMobile.

You can then report on these locations using the Geolocation Report which is broken up by location.

Geolocation and Asset Manager

When creating a new asset, you have the ability to input GeoLocation co-ordinates. These are not automatically updated when the asset is moved, so the feature is most useful for tracking the location of static assets.

To add co-ordinates to an asset:

1. Go to Tools > Asset Manager

2. Either click the green Edit button next to an existing asset, or click Create a New Asset

3. Select the Geolocation tab

4. Enter the longitude and latitude of the location (You can find this using Google Maps)

5. Click Save & Close

The asset will then appear in the geolocation report for that location.

Geolocation and WolMobile

Any employee or service provider who is using the WolMobile App can automatically update their geolocation using this.

The WolMobile App is primarily used to sign in and out of a location from their phone, however it can also send the current location of the user to WhosOnLocation using the phone's GPS.

A user can also set their WolMobile to automatically update their GPS location by enabling the "Follow" feature to keep an accurate track of their location.

For more information on WolMobile, please have a look at our Helpdesk article Introduction: WolMobile.

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