Notification Summary

Learn about the Notification Summary, a report that gives an overview of all notifications sent using MRI OnLocation. You must be a Reports Manager to access reports.

About the reports

Use the Notification Summary to view all SMS messages, emails, and push notifications sent using OnLocation. These can be notifications for guest sign-ins, triggers, kiosk notifications, induction invites or expiry notifications, or any number of other automatic and manual notifications and messages sent by the system.

The Notification Summary displays notifications from the past 13 months. They can be filtered by month and location. By clicking on a month, you can see a detailed view of the notifications for that month or extend the period to any custom amount of time.

Report fields

There are many fields you can use to search and display in the Notification Report:

  • Sent - The date and time the notification was sent, can be used to filter results
  • Method - How the notification was sent. Email, Push, or SMS, and can be used to filter results
  • Type - Notification type, can be used to filter results
  • Employee Name - The name of the employee that received the notification if applicable
  • Recipient - The email address or phone number the notification was sent to
  • Guest Type - The type of person the notification was sent about if applicable. Either visitor, pre-registered visitor, or contractor, and can be used to filter results
  • Guest Name - The name of the person the notification was sent about if applicable.
  • Credits Used - Number of credits used if a SMS message was sent
  • Status - Shows whether or not the notification was sent successfully

Access the notification reports

  1. Go to Reporting > Notification Summary.
  2. Click on the relevant month.

  3. The Notification Report for the selected month will open. Use the filters to customize the information, then click Search.

Notification detail view

The View Info button is used to get an overview of the notification which was sent including queued time and exact sending time.


Export report

You can export the report you are viewing by clicking the Export Report as CSV button.

The CSV file will show all possible fields for that report including columns that are not currently being viewed.