Set up the calendar invites integration

Learn how to enable the calendar invites integration for your MRI OnLocation account. To access these settings, you must have the Account Owner or IT Support user role.

How it works

With the calendar invites integration, when your employee creates an event in their calendar and includes as an attendee, your OnLocation account will automatically create the pre-registration event for attendees.

While setting up the integration, choose who will receive the email and set up any email exclusions.

Send settings

OnLocation requires the attendee’s full name and the name of the organization they represent. You may need additional visitor information as well. There are two ways to populate this information: 

  • Send to Invitees – Your OnLocation account will send your attendees an email asking them to confirm their visitor profile information. The email includes a unique link for their profile.
  • Send to Organizer – Your OnLocation account will send the host that created the calendar event an email asking them to complete the missing information. They need to log into OnLocation and update it.

Email exclusions 

When your employees add attendees to their calendar event, they may include a meeting room or other resource. These resources often have linked email addresses. On a separate line, list the email address of the meeting room or resource. By doing this, we won’t add the meeting room or resource as a pre-registered visitor when your employee includes them in their attendee list.

This article covers:

Set up the integration 

  1. Go to Tools > Account.
  2. Select Integrations from the menu on the left.
  3. Click Calendar Invites.
  4. Select Enable, then click Confirm.
  5. Click Manage Settings next to Calendar Invites.
  6. In the Settings tab, choose your Send To preference, and add any email exclusions.

  7. (Optional) Select the Locations tab, and click Manage Keywords to add any keywords (like meeting room names).

  8. In the Settings tab, click Save

Setup suggestions for your IT Team

Add as a contact

Add to your organization's email contact list. When your employees add attendees to a calendar meeting, instead of remembering to invite, you might set this email address up with a short contact name.

Customize the email address

If you want to use a custom email address, ask your IT team to set up the address, then apply a forwarding rule to forward emails to your preferred email address to automatically.

Once this has been set up, add the alias email address to your email exceptions in the integration settings:

  1. Go to Tools > Account.
  2. Select Integrations from the menu on the left.
  3. Click Calendar Invites, then click Settings.
  4. Add the email alias to the Email exclusions field, then click Save.

SPF and DKIM standards

Sender Policy Framework (SPF) and DomainKeys Identified Mail (DKIM) can be used to ensure emails coming from your domain are authenticated for your company.

If your IT team has put in place SPF and/or DKIM, OnLocation will check the result of these methods and will only create a visit in OnLocation if the sender has been authenticated.

Next step: Let employees in your organization know that their pre-registered visitors will receive an OnPass.