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In this article we explain the reason why you might setup an Induction Kiosk and the benefits.

How Learners Complete Online Induction Courses

There are two (2) ways to have your Learners (Service Providers {contractors} and/or Employees) complete an eLearning Induction Course:

1: They can be sent a link invite to the Course (see the Sending your WOL eLearning Course to Learners article) or;
2: They can complete the Course using an Induction Kiosk you have setup onsite.

Induction Kiosk Basics

What is an Induction Kiosk

An Induction Kiosk can be a Windows-based PC with a keyboard and mouse, with or without a Touchscreen enabled screen, Windows Tablet, a MAC, or an iPad. You would locate the Induction Kiosk in a convenient, quiet place onsite where Learners (Service Providers {contractors} and/or employees) can sit and go through the eLearning Course.




In the following series of articles we walk you through 6 steps -

Step 1: Adding an Induction Kiosk

Step 2: Configuring the Induction Kiosk Settings

Step 3: Configuring the Induction Kiosk Mode

Step 4: Configuring the Induction Kiosk Status Notifications

Step 5: Configuring the Help Request option for Service Providers on an Induction Kiosk

Step 6: Customising your Induction Kiosk with your brand

FAQs for Induction Kiosk



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