About induction kiosks

Learn about how to set up an induction kiosk. Your learners can complete SCORM Cloud induction courses or eLearning courses on a kiosk. 


How it works

Your learners (contractors and employees) can complete a SCORM Cloud induction course or eLearning course using an induction kiosk on-site. You can set up as many kiosks as you need, and there is no extra cost to use induction kiosks. 

Place the induction kiosk in a convenient, quiet place on-site where learners can sit and go through the course. When an employee or contractor arrives on-site, they follow this process to complete the course:

  1. Click Start Induction on the induction kiosk.
  2. Select if they're an employee or contractor. 
  3. Enter their name, then select Next.
  4. Select their name and organization from the list, then click Start. 
  5. They are then presented with a 3-step process where they review their contact details, confirm the name of the organization they work for, they can choose to watch an induction video.

    Click Start Inductions. They'll then see a list of courses to complete.
  6. Click Start to commence any course not yet started or Renew if they need to renew a previously passed course.

Once they complete or fail the course, it will be recorded in OnLocation.

Set up a kiosk

You can use a Windows PC with a keyboard and mouse, with or without a touchscreen-enabled screen, a Windows tablet, a Mac, or an iPad for your induction kiosk.

Follow these instructions to add an induction kiosk

Log in to a kiosk

The kiosk must be connected to the internet with the homepage set to OnLocation's login screen: https://login.whosonlocation.com.

Induction kiosks work the same as sign in/out kiosks:

  • Each kiosk has a unique username (email address), a password, and a PIN.
  • You log in using the induction kiosk credentials you create.