Enable the panic alarm for Sign In/Out Managers

Learn how to enable the panic alarm feature for Sign In/Out Managers. You need the Administrator user role to access these settings. 

For Sign In/Out Manager users to be able to use panic alarm at a location, you must first enable it for that location and nominate those people that will receive the panic alarm notifications.

You can send notifications by email and/or text to your Panic Alarm Responders, up to three employees, and one non-employee. Panic Alarm Responders are employees and/or contractors that have the Panic Alarm Responder role type. This is added to their profiles and allows you to have as many people alerted as required.

To enable the panic alarm: 

  1. Go to Tools > Locations.
  2. Click View next to your location.
  3. Select Sign In/Out Manager from the left-hand menu.
  4. Select the Panic Alarm tab.
  5. Select the Enable Panic Alarm checkbox.
  6. Add the people you want to receive a panic alarm notification when panic alarm is activated.

    Set the employees under the Send to this employee fields, and the non-employee under the Send to this non-employee field.

    For each recipient, you can send a notification via email and/or text (SMS) when an alarm is activated and/or deactivated.
  7. Click Save.

Next step: Panic alarm will be enabled for this location and can be activated from the Sign In/Out Manager.