About Panic Alarm

In this article we introduce you to Panic Alarm. Available with every WhosOnLocation account.

Your receptionists, lobby concierge, and security personnel are the first people that your visitors and the general public get to see and speak to when visiting your premises.

In most situations the process is a pleasant one, with your receptionist welcoming the visitor, asking them to sign-in, offering them a coffee, tea, or water, and ensuring the visitor's host is aware that their guest has arrived. But not all visitor experiences go according to plan.

From time to time your receptionist may need to deal with a disgruntled visitor or member of the general public. As is often the case with receptionists they are in essence, lone workers. Their colleagues who work in back offices, on different floors etc... have no visibility of the reception area and would be unaware of any 'confrontation' occurring. 

How Does Panic Alarm Help

In the event your receptionist (or any Sign In/Out Manager) feels that their safety or security is, or could be, compromised they can trigger an immediate request for assistance; right from their own PC or from the visitor kiosk. The request for assistance is automatically sent to your 'Panic Alarm Responders' based on pre-defined notification options that you configure:

  1. via email and/or text (sms) message to multiple people within your organization,
  2. via email and/or text (sms) message to security contractors and,
  3. via email and/or text (sms) message to other 3rd parties.


How does it Work?

We go into more detail in the following tutorial articles however in summary once Panic Alarm is triggered by a receptionist from the Sign In/Out Manager screen on their own PC, or from a kiosk, your nominated Panic Alarm Responders for the location will receive an email and/or text (sms) message advising them of an immediate request for assistance. The message will include the name of your organization, location of the Panic Alarm, and the name of the access point where the Panic Alarm was triggered (as in Main Reception, Warehouse Entrance etc...)

Your WhosOnLocation account will automatically create a 'log' of the Panic Alarm activation recording:

  • Date and Time of the Panic Alarm activation
  • Location Name
  • Name of person who activated the Panic Alarm (if triggered from the Sign In/Out Manager screen)
  • Names of Responders

Steps to setting up Panic Alarm

There are several quick steps you need to follow to setup Panic Alarm:

  1. Assign nominated employees and or Service Providers to the role type called 'Panic Alarm Responders'
  2. Enable Panic Alarm as a feature for your Sign In/Out Managers to use at each location (if you have Sign In/Out Managers and if applicable)
  3. Enable Panic Alarm as a feature on your kiosk (s) (if you have kiosks and if applicable)
  4. Run a Test Panic Alarm Event

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