Introduction: Panic alarms

A panic alarm is a tool that your staff can trigger when they need assistance. It is available with every MRI OnLocation account.

About panic alarms

Your receptionists, lobby concierge, and security personnel are the first people your visitors interact with when visiting your premises. From time to time, your staff may deal with a disgruntled visitor or member of the public. If your staff feels that their safety or security is compromised, they can trigger a request for assistance from a kiosk or Sign In/Out Manager.

The request for assistance is automatically sent to your Panic Alarm Responders based on your notification settings:

  • By email and SMS to multiple people within your organization
  • By email and SMS to security contractors
  • By email and SMS to other third parties

How it works

Once the panic alarm is triggered, your nominated Panic Alarm Responders for the location will receive a notification advising them of a request for assistance. The message includes your organization's name, location of the panic alarm, and the name of the access point where the panic alarm was triggered.

Your account will automatically create a record of the panic alarm, including:

  • Date and time of the panic alarm activation
  • Location name
  • Name of person who activated the panic alarm (if triggered from the Sign In/Out Manager screen)
  • Names of responders

Set up panic alarm for a location

There are several steps to set up the panic alarm:

  1. Assign employees and or contractors to the Panic Alarm Responders role type
  2. Enable panic alarm for your Sign In/Out Managers to use at each location 
  3. Enable panic alarm on your sign in/out kiosks 
  4. Run a test panic alarm event: on a kiosk or using Sign In/Out Manager