Viewing a Dashboard

How to view a Dashboard that has been set up in your location. You must have the Administrator user role to access the necessary Dashboard URL.

Once your dashboard is set up in your location, you can then view that dashboard by clicking on the Dashboard URL. This will open a new tab in your internet browser with the Dashboard displayed.

Every dashboard has a unique URL for that dashboard only, if you want to view this dashboard from a different device, you will need to enter the URL into a browser on that device.

The different pages enabled on in your Dashboard options will cycle through and update with each cycle.

If you want any details on the options available for these screens, please have a look at Setting up a Dashboard.

Stats Page

The stats page shows the numbers of all enabled people types. It cycles through visitor totals and Acknowledgement Notices in the footer of the screen.


Visitor Page


Employee On-Site Page


Employee Off-Site Page


Service Provider Page


GeoLocation Page


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