Panic Alarm reports

Learn how to view the Panic Alarm reports. You must have the Reporting Manager user role to view reports.

Access the report

  1. Go to Reporting > Panic Alarm Reports.
  2. Select the location. 

  3. Chose the event status: Any, Open, Closed, Archived, then click Search.
  4. (Optional) Find the panic alarm event you'd like a record of, then click Export PDF Report. 
  5. (Optional) Click Archive Event, then click Confirm. 


Report fields

The report includes the key details from each panic alarm event:

  • Created – Date of the panic alarm event
  • Location of the panic alarm event
  • Status – Open, Closed, Archived
  • Activated Notifications – Number of people sent the panic alarm event 
  • Deactivated Notifications – Number of people notified when the panic alarm event was deactivated 
  • Created By – Who triggered the panic alarm event. This only displays if activated from Sign In/Out Manager, not from a sign in/out kiosk.
  • Closed by – Who deactivated the panic alarm event
  • Total Time – length of time the panic alarm event was open