Panic Alarm Reports

In this article we explain how to view Panic Alarm Reports. You must have the Reporting User Role assigned to view Reports.

Panic Alarm Reporting

1. Go to Reporting


2. Select the Panic Alarm Reporting option


You are presented with a list of Closed Panic Alarm Events. You can view Open events by simply changing the Event Status Filter at the top of the report screen.

The report screen highlights the key attributes regarding each Panic Alarm Event:

  1. Date Panic Alarm Event Created
  2. Location of Panic Alarm Event
  3. Status
  4. Number of people sent the Panic Alarm Event Activation (Duress Responders)
  5. Number of people sent the Panic Alarm Event Deactivation (Duress Responders)
  6. Created By (who triggered the Panic Alarm Event). Note this only displays if triggered via the Sign In/Out Manager screen - not a kiosk screen.
  7. Closed by (who deactivated the Panic Alarm Event)
  8. Total Time Panic Alarm Event was open.

Viewing Reports for other Locations

Change the location using the Location picker at the top of the screen


Exporting your Panic Alarm Report

1. Select the blue Export PDF Report button located alongside the respective Panic Alarm Event

2. Download the Report


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