Panic Alarm reports

Learn how to view the Panic Alarm reports. You must have the Reporting Manager user role to view reports.

What's in the report

The report includes the key details from each panic alarm event:

  • Created – Date of the panic alarm event
  • Location of the panic alarm event
  • Status – Open, Closed, Archived
  • Activated notifications – Number of people sent the panic alarm event 
  • Deactivated notifications – Number of people notified when the panic alarm event was deactivated 
  • Created by – Who triggered the panic alarm event. This only displays if activated from Sign In/Out Manager, not from a sign in/out kiosk.
  • Closed by – Who deactivated the panic alarm event
  • Total time – length of time the panic alarm event was open

Access the report

  1. Go to Reporting > Panic Alarm Reports.
  2. Select the location. 
  3. Chose the event status: Any, Open, Closed, Archived, then click Search.
  4. (Optional) Find the panic alarm event you'd like a record of, then click Export PDF Report. 
  5. (Optional) Click Archive Event, then click Confirm.