Deliveries report

Learn how to report on deliveries. You need the Reports Manager user role to access this report. 

When a delivery is entered into MRI OnLocation using deliveries, whether through a kiosk or Sign In/Out Manager, it is recorded in the deliveries report.

To access this report, go to Reporting > Deliveries Report.


Report filters

The default report displays information for all deliveries to one location, you can filter this report to narrow the results displayed:

  • Location – The location where the deliveries were recorded.
  • Packages – Whether the delivery was a single package or multiple packages.
  • Delivery Type – The type of item being delivered.
  • Keyword Search – To search for specific words in the report, e.g. names or tracking numbers.

Report fields

The details included in the reports:

  • Date – The date and time the delivery was recorded.
  • Employee Received – The individual receiving the delivery, if a single package.
  • Packages – Either single or multiple packages.
  • Delivery Type – The type of item delivered.
  • Signature Required – Whether or not a signature was required for receipt of the delivery.
  • Sender – Optional field listing who the delivery was from.
  • Tracking Number – Options field listing the delivery’s tracking number.

Click Export Report to save a copy. You can choose to export it as a CSV file or as a PDF.