Manage your organization's details in the Contractor Portal

Learn how to manage your organization's details within the Contractor Portal. You must have been invited by an organization to access their portal.

There may be some information that is not available for you to view or update. This is controlled by the organization you contract to. The default fields are listed in this article so if anything is missing or read-only, this is due to your customer's portal settings.

Your organization's details

The information contained in this section is the contact details for your organization. Any fields with a red mark next to them are required and must be completed.

The default profile information fields include:

  • Organization Name - The legal name of your organization
  • Trading As - The trading name of your organization if different from the legal name
  • Phone Number - The main contact phone number for your organization
  • Email Address - The main contact email address for your organization
  • Physical Address - The physical location of your organization
  • Country - The country your organization is located in

If the organization uses custom contractor fields, you may see extra tabs and fields. 

Save any changes before you leave the page.