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Learn how Notes are used when managing service providers in WhosOnLocation. You must have the Service Provider Manager user role assigned to access notes.

When information about a service provider doesn't fit into any existing field or feature, you can add that information into the new notes area.

This may include extra billing information, job descriptions, compliance information, or any miscellaneous information you want to record for a service provider.

You can add notes at either the organization or member level. Notes in an organization or member's profile can be added, edited, or removed by any Service Provider Manager with access to that organization.

WhosOnLocation makes it very easy to add notes against service provider records, both at the organization level, and the member level.


There are two varieties of notes that you can add in WhosOnLocation:

  1. Notes held against a Member's profile and;
  2. Notes held against an Organization's profile.

These can only be added when viewing an organization or member’s profile respectively.

Notes in an organization's or member's profile can be added, edited, or removed by any Service Provider Manager with access to that organization.

You can search for Notes in an organization or member's profile by Note Type or Subject, and sort your Notes List by Date Created or Note Type.


You can view a summary of changes and edits to a note via Logs. Logs detail who created the note and when, and a summary of any changes that are made, by who and when. Logs are available for each individual note by clicking on the Logs button next to the note.


Adding Notes

You can add notes in various ways but all notes must have a type, subject, and note contents. These help to organize your notes and find notes faster when you have a large collection. It will also help to differentiate what each note is for at a glance.

Please Note: There is a different set of Note Types for members and organizations. Service Provider Administrators can customize Note Types under Notes Settings.

To add a note, make sure the correct organization or member’s profile is open, then:

1. Select Notes from the left-hand menu

2. Click Add New Note


3. Select the Type – These can be customized in the Note Settings

4. Enter the Subject

5. Enter the Note

6. Click Save

Quick Tip! You can add a note from anywhere in an organization or member’s profile by clicking the Add New Note icon Screen_Shot_2017-07-24_at_3.00.53_PM.png

Adding Documents to Notes

You can also add documents to any notes that you have created. You can add as many documents as you like to a note and can view these documents from WhosOnLocation.

To add a document, go to the Notes section of an organization or member’s profile, then:

1. Click the Documents icon next to a note - Screen_Shot_2017-07-24_at_3.00.12_PM.png

2. Click Select File

3. Choose a file from your computer and click Open


To view the document, click View; to delete a document click Remove; and to leave the documents section, click Back to Notes.

The documents icon will change to show how many documents are attached to the note.

To customize your Note Types click here to see Note Settings.

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