Create an ID card template

Learn how to create an ID card template. You need the Identity Manager user role to access these settings. 

About ID card templates

The first step to printing ID cards is setting up templates for what will be printed. Templates can be created for employees and/or contractors, and you can set up as many different templates as required.

There are several templates to choose from as a base, you can customize what fields are included, and information is automatically generated for individual ID cards.

Each template is linked to a token type. There are four default token types in your account, you can add additional types if needed:

  • Access Control
  • Driver’s License
  • ID Card
  • Proof of Age

Creating ID card templates

  1. Go to Tools > Identity Manager.
  2. Select ID Card Token Templates from the left-hand menu.
  3. Click New Token Template.

  4. Set the Person Type that can use this template. Templates can be for one user type only or both.

  5. Click Select Template.
  6. Choose the base for your template, then click Select.
  7. Select the Token Type linked to this template.

  8. Use the switches to select required information. See more details below.

  9. Click Save & Close.

Repeat for as many templates as required.

ID card fields

The options available for your ID cards depend on the base template chosen. Turning on one option may turn off another, e.g. turning on QR code will turn off barcode.

You can turn on as many of the following options as required, depending on your chosen template:

  • Logo – to upload a logo, click the Upload Logo square and select your logo from your computer. The maximum dimensions are 3000x3000 pixels.
  • Background – to upload a background, click the Upload Background square and select your image from your computer. The maximum dimensions are 3000x3000 pixels.
  • Person’s Name – this will insert the person’s full name as listed in their profile.
  • Person’s First Name – this will insert the person’s first name as listed in their profile. Enabling the first name will disable the full name and vice versa.
  • Person's Job Title – this will insert the person’s job title as listed in their profile.
  • Person’s Photo – the photo stored in the person’s profile.
  • Name of their Organization – for employees, this is your account name. For contractors, this is their organization.
  • Token ID Number – the token number in their profile.
  • Date Token Issued – as listed for the token in their profile.
  • Date Token Expires – as listed for the token in their profile. Once expired, they won’t be able to sign in with this token, but they can still sign in manually.
  • Barcode – a Code 39 format barcode representing the token number. If you have long token numbers, we advise using a QR code instead of a barcode.
  • QR Code – a 2D QR code representing the token number. This requires a 2D scanner or kiosk camera to scan. Enabling the QR code will disable the barcode and vice versa.
  • Tag Name – a customizable string that is included on every token and does not change.
  • Default Tag Name – enter the string you want to appear if the above is enabled.
Next step: Assign an ID card to an employee or contractor.