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In this section, we introduce you to Watchlists. You must have the Trigger Managers user role assigned to access Watchlists.

The watchlist feature within our Triggers Add-on allows you to automatically check visitors entered into the system against internally generated “lists" and alert nominated people of their presence.

The types of lists you can create are endless and are only as limited as your imagination. Some examples include: banned employees, banned visitors, sex-offender lists, terrorist screening lists, No-Fly lists (if you are an airport), VIP lists, Valued Customer Lists, etc. You can even download government watchlists if you have access to the raw files and upload them as a watchlist list in your WhosOnLocation account. This has become an increasingly sought after feature for companies conducting government related business and organizations charged with protecting the welfare and safety of employees, students, patients, and other visitors.

The watchlist feature allows you to send alerts when specific visitors sign in or out. You can create a 'list' only consisting of a single keyword and like a person's name, or a company name. You can also create a list consisting of multiple keywords like: Full Name AND organization they are form AND Cell Number AND Email etc, and if a visitor’s information matches, specified contact(s) will be notified. The watchlist does not necessarily block a visitor from entering; it can simply alert the watchlist contacts of a match to watchlist's keywords.

How Watchlist Works

Watchlist is an extension of the existing Triggers Add-on and works to notify contacts in the same method as a trigger does currently.

When creating your watchlist, you can add as much or as little details as you want to screen your visitors.

If you want to screen for specific people, you would create an entry with as much details as possible to ensure the correct visitor is matched. E.g. A former employee that you want to alert security that they have signed in - you would enter their full name, email address, cellphone number, etc, in order to match the specific person. You can then set the trigger rule to match exactly against the details.

If you want to screen for a wide variety of visitors without adding lots of entries you can enter non-specific details. E.g. If you want to screen for visitors at a certain company you can create a watchlist entry with just the Organization name and domain name of the email address (everything after the @ symbol) entered. You can then set the trigger rule to match if the visitor's email address contains the email domain in the watchlist.

There are many different ways to use your watchlist and this depends largely on the details you capture from your visitors on sign in and the specificity of the watchlist entries. You can create as many watchlists as you like and you can create as many triggers from those watchlists as you like.

Setting Up a Watchlist

First, you create a watchlist of notable people, then you create a trigger using this watchlist to match against the visitor who is signing into your location.

When a match to your watchlist is made, it can trigger any existing trigger action including sending an email or text to nominated recipients, denying entry, and/or displaying a pop-up message.

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