About watchlists

Watchlists help you automatically check for visitors when they arrive on-site and notify nominated people of their presence. 

How it works

Watchlists allow you to send alerts when specific visitors sign in or out. Watchlists are a part of the triggers add-on and you'll need the Triggers Manager user role to access these settings. 

When creating your watchlist, you can add as much or as little detail as required to screen your visitors. You can create a list consisting of:

  • A single keyword and a person's name, or a company name
  • Multiple keywords like full name and organization they are from, cell number, and email

The watchlist does not necessarily block a visitor from entering, it can simply alert the watchlist contacts of a match to the watchlist keywords.

You can create as many watchlists as you like and you can create as many triggers as you need.

Set up a watchlist

  1. Create a watchlist of notable people
  2. Create a trigger using this watchlist to match against the visitor who is signing into your location.

When a match to your watchlist is made, it can trigger any existing trigger action including sending an email or text to nominated recipients, denying entry, and/or displaying a pop-up message.