Set up a signature required custom question

Learn how to set up a signature required custom question, then activate the questionnaire at your location. You must have the Administrator user role to access these settings.

How it works

When your guests or employees are signing into your location, you may need them to sign a waiver or NDA before coming on-site. You can do this in MRI OnLocation using custom questions. Signature required is available with waiver or image waiver questions. You must enable this option in the question's settings.

During sign in, guests can read your waiver and add their signature on a tablet, smartphone, iPad, or using the mouse on a standard PC.

Sharing copies of a waiver

When a visitor signs your waiver, it gets attached to their visitor record as a PDF. To send visitors a copy, make sure you enable the following basic questions:

  • Cell phone – The visitor receives a text message (SMS) with a link to a PDF copy of their signed waiver.
  • Email address – The visitor receives an email with a PDF attachment.
  • If you enable both cell phone and email, the visitor receives an email with a PDF attachment. This is to reduce SMS charges.

You can include a copy of the signature required question in the host notification or just list the guest's answer. This is only available if visitor and contractor hosting is enabled in Sign In/Out Questions.

You can also send a copy of the signed waiver as a PDF document to any employee set up in OnLocation and any non-employee by email.

Custom questionnaires can be set up for one location or shared across multiple locations.

Step 1: Create a custom questionnaire

First, create a custom questionnaire. To capture signatures for different people types, you need to create a custom questionnaire for each person type.

To add a questionnaire:

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Sign In/Out Questions.
  3. Select the Custom Questionnaires tab.
  4. Click Create a New Questionnaire.
  5. Add a questionnaire name. This is the title of the questionnaire used to identify it.
  6. Choose the audience. Your questionnaire can be for visitors or contractors, or employees.
  7. Select how often to display your questionnaire.
  8. Click Save.


The questionnaire is ready to add a signature required question.

Step 2: Add a signature required question

There are two types of custom questions that you can enable signature required:

  • Waiver - Enter the text for your waiver, NDA, or agreement. There are formatting options available, or you can copy and paste your text from another source.
  • Image waiver - Upload an image with the information the person signing in must agree to.

To add a question:

  1. Click Manage next to your questionnaire.
  2. Click Add Question.
  3. Enter the question or title.
  4. Select the question type: Waiver or Image Waiver.
  5. Select the checkbox next to Host notification.
  6. Enter the waiver information depending on the type of waiver:

    Waiver - Enter the text to display on the screen for the person signing in to accept.

    Image waiver - Upload the image to display on the screen for the person signing in to accept.

  7. (Recommended) Select the checkbox next to Compulsory question. This will prevent the person signing in from skipping the question.
  8. (Optional) Click Add an option to add the answers to the question. Options could include 'I Accept,' 'I Acknowledge.' If the question is compulsory, you must set up at least one option.
  9. Select the checkbox next to Signature required.
  10. (Optional) Choose who you want to send a copy of the signed waiver:

    Send copy to guest - This will send a copy of the waiver and their signature to the person signing in.

    Send copy to host - This will send a link to the signed waiver to the guest's host. You can only enable this option if you've enabled the host notification option.

    Send to this employee - Select an employee entered in OnLocation that should receive a copy of the signed waiver.

    Send to the non-employee - Enter a non-employee email address to receive a copy of the signed waiver.
  11. (Optional) Choose if this question has a parent question.
  12. (Optional) Set the time for the question to time out.
  13. (Optional) Set the question pause time. This is the time that must pass before the person signing in can answer the question or agree to the waiver.
  14. Click Save and Close.


The waiver is now part of your custom questionnaire. Add as many questions as you need and drag and drop them into the correct order.

When you're done, click Back to Sign In/Out Questions to return to the list of questionnaires.

Step 3: Activating the questionnaire

When your questionnaire is complete, activate it where you want it presented. Choose specific kiosks, Sign In/Out Manager or OnLocation Mobile.

To activate a questionnaire for sign in/out:

  1. Click the current status.
  2. Click Activate.
  3. Select where you want the questionnaire to appear.
  4. Click Save.
Next step: If you'd like to share the signed waiver with guests or other nominated people, see what information will be sent