Manage notifications for changes in the Contractor Portal

Set up notifications to send when portal users make changes in your Contractor Portal. You must have the Contractor Administrator user role to access these settings.

About Contractor Portal notifications

Giving your contractors and vendors access to your Contractor Portal is a great way to keep your contractor records up-to-date. It is also important to know when your portal users make changes so that they can be reviewed, accepted, and/or completed by people in your organization.

MRI OnLocation makes this easy by giving you the ability to receive notifications when changes are made and choose what changes trigger those notifications.

Any changes made in the portal are bundled into a notification email, sent to each recipient after 30 minutes of portal inactivity. We only send email notifications for portal changes, there is no option for text notifications.

Changes that trigger notifications

In each of the areas of the portal, most changes will trigger a notification. There are some exceptions to this due to other notifications that will send instead. Notifications will only send once a page with changes has been saved. If the page is not saved, a notification will not send. 

  • Profile Information - Any information that is changed in the Your Organization's Details section
  • Categories & Groups - If changes are made to the categories & groups the organization belongs to
  • Insurances - If a new policy is added, a document is added or removed, an existing policy is edited, or an existing policy is removed
  • Contracts - If a new contract is added, a document is added or removed, an existing contract is edited, or an existing contract is removed
  • Certifications - If a new certification is added to a member's profile, a document is added or removed, an existing certification is edited, or an existing certification is removed
  • Inductions - Only when an induction course is added manually or removed. If an online induction is passed or failed by a contractor, the Induction Owner will receive a notification regardless
  • Members - If an existing member's contact details are edited, if their contact role types are changed, their OnLocation Mobile access changes, if they are removed, or if a new member is added

Set up notifications

  1. Go to Tools > Contractor Manager.
  2. Select Portal Administration from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select the Notifications tab.
  4. Select the checkbox next to the portal areas that you’d like notifications for.
  5. Add employees in your organization that should receive these notifications.
  6. (Optional) Add a non-employee email address to receive the notifications.
  7. (Optional) Click Add Rule to add location-specific notifications. Repeat as needed. 
  8. (Optional) Select the checkbox to send notifications to the portal users in the organization.
  9. Click Save.


Notification recipients

There are several fields that you can set up so select people receive notifications for portal changes:

  • Send to the following employees
  • Send to the following email addresses (non-employee)
  • Send to organization owner
  • Location rules
  • Portal User Recipients

Within your organization

You have the option to send notifications to an employee if their email address is in the system. To add an employee, click in the Send to the following employees field and begin typing their name. When you see the employee you want to add, select their name to add them to the recipient list.

You can also add a non-employee email address to receive notifications. This is useful if you have employees that are not set up in your account who should receive these notifications, or if you need to notify a third-party to these changes.

If you need to set up location-specific rules for portal notifications, under Location Rules, select a location, then choose an employee.

Portal users

If this option is enabled, notifications will be sent to all portal users of the organization that a change occurs in. If you have multiple portal users for one organization they will all receive a notification when one of them makes a change in their account. This is useful if you have multiple people in one organization that manage information so that changes aren't made twice. It also gives the members a record of changes that have been made by them.

We will only send notifications to portal users in the same organization as a change has been made. Notifications will not go to all portal users in OnLocation.

Notification emails

Notification emails differ depending on the change that was made in the portal. The subject will say ‘Contractor Portal Change’. The body of the email will list who made the change and the details of what was added, changed, or deleted.

This is an example notification in Outlook showing that a phone number was changed in a member profile: