About Multi-Tenant Sign In/Out Manager

The basics of how Multi-Tenant Sign In/Out Manager works and when it is used.

Multi-tenancy supports facilities which 'share' a common lobby reception team tasked with managing visitor, contractor, and/or employee traffic for multiple organizations.

The Multi-Tenant Sign In/Out Manager allows people from one WhosOnLocation account to manage the visitors for all organizations, set up in different accounts, from the one screen. This allows a shared reception area to be created and used for all organizations in one building seamlessly.

How does it work?

Each organization in a building that is participating in a Multi-Tenant Sign In/Out Manager setup needs to have their own WhosOnLocation account. One account is the controller and they request access from the other tenants in the building to manage their Sign In/Out Manager. The controller account may belong to the lead tenant, facility manager, property manager, or any party that the tenants have agreed upon.

The controller sends request emails to the tenants who then grant access to their Sign In/Out Manager.

The controller only has access to the Sign In/Out Manager of the tenant's account and either party can revoke or remove access at any time.

Who has access to the tenant's account?

There is a Sub-Section of the Sign In/Out Manager User Role which only appears when access has been requested of a tenant, only those employees with this User Role enabled will be able to access the tenant's Sign In/Out Manager.

How do I set this up?

Have a look at our useful Helpdesk articles for more information on how to set up and use the Multi-Tenant Sign In/Out Manager:

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