About Multi-Tenant Sign In/Out Manager

Multi-Tenant Sign In/Out Manager allows for one MRI OnLocation account to manage the visitors for all organizations with a shared reception.

How it works

To use Multi-Tenant Sign In/Out Manager, each organization must have its own OnLocation account. One account is the controller, who requests access from the other tenants to manage their Sign In/Out Manager. The controller account may belong to the lead tenant, facility manager, property manager, or any party that the tenants have agreed upon.

The controller sends request emails to the tenants, who then grant access to their Sign In/Out Manager.

The controller only has access to the Sign In/Out Manager of the tenant's account, and either party can revoke or remove access at any time.

A sub-section of the Sign In/Out Manager user role only appears when a tenant has requested access. Only those employees with this user role enabled can access the tenant's Sign In/Out Manager.

Set up Multi-Tenant Sign In/Out Manager