Configure your Sign In/Out Manager settings

Edit the settings for the Sign In/Out Manager for your location. You need the Administrator user role to access these settings.

The Sign In/Out Manager is an area of WhosOnLocation used to sign people in and out of your location. There are settings that are unique to your location that are used through the Sign In/Out Manager which you can configure in your location setup.

To access the Sign In/Out Manager settings:

  1. Go to Locations, then select the location from the drop-down list.
  2. Select Sign In/Out Manager.


You can then navigate between the settings through the tabs at the top of the page.

Settings tab


Set the behavior of WhosOnLocation when signing in visitors, employees, or contractors using the Sign In/Out Manager. You can set behavior from skipping all questions for an easy sign in to presenting both a profile summary of the person and all questions. And you can setup whether the Sign In/Out Manager will automatically remember visitors to auto-complete their details on their next visit.

Employee and contractor settings

There are two sign in/out methods that you can customize behavior for:

  1. Token scan – scanning a person’s token or ID card.
  2. Manual – clicking the Sign In/Out button next to their name in the list of people in Sign In/Out Manager.

The three behaviors you can set are:

  1. Quick sign in/out – skips sign in/out questions and summary screen.
  2. Present basic & custom questions.
  3. Present status summary – includes sign in/out questions.

Status summary

The status summary is a popup with a summary of the person’s details and status.

Clicking Sign In/Out on the popup will prompt any enabled questions to display. If there are no questions they will just be signed in/out, and a confirmation will appear in the bottom-left corner.


If the person has any default system reason to be denied access, this will show in the popup and you can log their access attempt.


Default system reasons include:

  • Permitted on-site dates not valid (Contractor only)
  • Induction expired (from the option in the course settings, not triggers)
  • Non-active status (Contractor only)
  • Location access not permitted.
Triggers that deny access will not show in the popup, but they will still deny access when the person is signed in.

Visitor settings

You can customize the behavior for:

  • Scanning a person’s token or ID card
  • Visitor manual sign in/out
  • Set the returning visitor auto-complete option

Token Scan Mode

The three behaviors you can set are:

  1. Quick sign in/out – skips sign in/out questions and summary screen
  2. Present basic & custom questions
  3. Present status summary – includes sign in/out questions

Manual Sign In/Out Mode

Refers to clicking the Sign In/Out button next to the visitor in the list of people in Sign In/Out Manager.

The three behaviors you can set are:

  1. Quick sign in/out – skips sign in/out questions unless they are required. Then this setting will still present basic & custom questions.
  2. Present basic & custom questions.
  3. Present status summary – popup with a summary of the visitor’s details and asks any sign in/out questions enabled.

Returning Visitor Auto-complete

The returning visitor auto-complete sets the length of time a visitor is remembered for when signing in through the Sign In/Out Manager.

If a visitor returns within the set number of days, they will be remembered, and the Sign In/Out Manager will receive a prompt to auto complete their details. These can then be edited or saved by the person signing them in.

The organization question must be enabled in questionnaire manager to use this feature. If an organization is not entered, they cannot be remembered.

If you don’t want to remember visitor information set this to disable.

Panic Alarm tab

The Panic Alarm is used by Sign In/Out Managers to send an email and/or text to specified people if they need assistance, are under duress, or have an emergency situation.

For instructions on how to configure the options for Panic Alarm, see this Helpdesk article - Enabling Panic Alarm for Sign In/Out Managers


Deliveries tab

The deliveries feature is used to record incoming deliveries for employees at your location and notify them that they have received a delivery.

There are options for deliveries to individuals and multiple people and options for text and email notifications.

Click here for instructions on how to configure the options for deliveries settings.

When the multi-language add-on is enabled, you can add/edit translations for the delivery types. Click here for more information on multi-language.


Multi-Tenant tab

The Multi-Tenant feature allows you to co-ordinate with other accounts to either manage their Sign In/Out Manager function or have them manage yours. This is used for multi-tenanted buildings where the concierge/reception/security are managing visitors for multiple organizations.

Click here for full details and guides on how to set this up and how it works.

WolScan tab

This tab only appears if you have the WolScan integration enabled for this location. It allows you to manage the devices using ID scanning with WolScan that are connected to your location. The maximum number of devices allowed to connect to a location are set by the Account Owner.

Fields include: 

  • Last User – The last Sign In/Out Manager that used the device to link to their WhosOnLocation profile.
  • Device ID – The unique ID of the device created by WhosOnLocation. This is found in the Help menu in WolScan.
  • First Connected – When the device was first connected to a WhosOnLocation account.
  • Last Scanned – The last time the device was used to scan an ID and send the details to WhosOnLocation.
  • To disconnect a device, click Disconnect next to the device and click Confirm on the pop-up. You can now connect a new device to that location.

Click here for full details on ID scanning with WolScan.


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