Log in to WolGuard and select an access point

Learn how to log into WolGuard and select your Access Point. This article is for WolGuard users.

To log into and start using the WolGuard app, once you have your unique code, enter your code into the login screen and select your access point.

WolGuard should only be run on supported devices to ensure optimal performance. 

WolGuard code

An Administrator of the WhosOnLocation account will send you your WolGuard code that you will be managing people movements for. Your WolGuard code is unique to you and should not be shared with others unless you have express permission from the issuer.  You may be sent this via email, text, or both.





WolGuard log in

To log into WolGuard, open the supported device, enter your unique code, and tap the checkmark.


Select an access point

The first thing to do every time you log into WolGuard is to select your access point. The access point is where you will be managing people's movements in the location; this may be at a security gate, site entrance, restricted area entrance, etc.

There are three to four steps to selecting your access point. If you are working in a large location with many access points, you're able to narrow down your options with each step.

  1. Choose your location. If you are a WolGuard user for multiple locations in the WhosOnLocation account, you will need to choose which location you are currently working at.

  2. Choose your zone group. Zone groups are a collection of zones in a location. Each access point is assigned to a zone that is in a zone group. If there are no zone groups set up for a location, this step will be skipped.

  3. Choose your zone. Select a zone that you will be managing the people movements for. This will be an area connected to your access point.

  4. Choose your access point. Select the access point where you will be managing people's movements from.

  5. Confirm your selection. You will see your chosen access point and the path to selection. If this is correct, tap Confirm, or tap Cancel, and re-enter your selection.


You can navigate backward from any step by tapping the arrow in the top-left corner of the screen.

Once you have selected your access point, WolGuard will display the users who can sign in to your chosen location and the rules for navigating between the connecting zones.

You can change your access point or log out at any time from the main menu.