Managing WolGuard Users

How to add, remove, and activate WolGuard users from your location. You must have the Administrator user role to access these settings.

Once you have enabled your WolGuard Add-on, you can start adding WolGuard users in your account.

You can set up employees and/or service providers as WolGuard users. All they need is an email address or cellphone number entered against their WhosOnLocation profile for you to send them a WolGuard Code.

Please Note: A WolGuard code will not be active until it is sent to the WolGuard User. If they attempt to use a code that has not been activated, WolGuard will crash.

Adding WolGuard Users

A WolGuard user for a location must first have access to that location; for employees this means either their Home Location or Global Roaming rights to that location; for service providers this means the location must be enabled in their Location Permissions. They can then be added as a WolGuard User in that location.

  1. Go to Tools > Locations.
  2. Click View next to your location.
  3. Select WolGuard from the left-hand menu.

  4. Select Add WolGuard Employee or Add WolGuard Service Provider.
  5. Search for a user's name. Only people with access to that location will be found.
  6. Select the user's name.
  7. Click Add Employee or Add Service Provider.


The user will appear in the list of WolGuard users for that location. You can remove access by clicking Remove next to their name or using the Run an Action menu.

Sending WolGuard Codes

Before a WolGuard user can login they must have received their WolGuard code, each code is unique to the user. The unique code will be used for each location the WolGuard user is added against.

To send a user or multiple users their WolGuard code, from the WolGuard section of a location:

  1. Select the users by ticking the checkboxes on the right of their names.
  2. Click the Run an Action Menu.
  3. Select Send Code to User.
  4. Select a Method, either via Email or via Text. Please make sure that the details for the chosen method are set up in the selected users' profiles.
  5. Click Run Action.


The WolGuard users will receive their code via the selected method. If sent by email, they will receive some instructions around WolGuard, what it is used for, and their code. If sent by text, they will receive their WolGuard code with no instructions; we suggest providing instructions prior to sending the code via text.





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