Using the OnSentry home screen

Learn how to navigate the home screen of OnSentry. This article is for OnSentry users.

The home screen on OnSentry is the first screen you land on and the screen you will return to when you are not managing people movements.

The main features of the home screen are the toolbar, Access Point information, connection status, employee and contractor lists, and mode selector.


The tool bar contains the app drawer to open the main menu and the search tool.

To access the main menu, tap on the icon in the top left corner, and to close the menu tap to the right of the screen.

Use the search tool to manually find employees and contractors faster. Tap the search icon, enter a name or partial name into the search field and click the search icon on your keyboard. The employee and contractor lists will be filtered to only the search results and tapping one will display them.


You can also use the search tool when in the employee or contractor lists.

Access point information

You are presented with a summary of your current Access Point information at the top of the screen. This includes the Location, Address, Zone Group, Zone, and Access Point.


Connection status

The connection status of your device is presented in icons next to the Access Point information.

The left-hand icon is the internet connection, and the right-hand icon is the server connection. If the internet is disconnected the server will automatically be disconnected; and if the server is disconnected, OnSentry will not sync with your MRI OnLocation account.





Tapping an icon will display the current status.

Employee and contractor lists

The lists display an overview of how many people are allowed to sign into this location and how many people are currently signed in. If you tap a section you will be taken to the corresponding person list.

When using the search tool, the display will reflect the available results based on the search.

Mode selector

The mode selector is used to set up how you are managing people through OnSentry. This can be set up to sign out only, sign in only, sign between two zones (for sign in/out or switching zones), or lookup (for multiple connecting zones).

There are two types of mode, RFID/Barcode and Manual. RFID/Barcode Mode is what happens when you scan or tap a person's ID Card. Manual is what happens when you find and select the person manually.

Opening the mode selector will display the current mode for both RFID/Barcode and Manual. To change how a mode responds when managing people, tap a mode and follow the steps.