Access the employee and contractor lists in OnSentry

Learn how to navigate and use the employee and contractor lists in OnSentry.
OnSentry is no longer available for new installations, but existing clients continue to receive support.

The employee and contractor lists are used to look people up, view their profiles, manually manage their presence, and view their current location. You can filter this list using the search feature to find a specific person. You can view a list of people who are either on-site or off-site.


You can access a list from the home screen by tapping one of the buttons.

View current location

If a person is currently signed in, the icon next to their name will indicate this by changing to an on-site icon, and the zone they have signed into will be displayed under their name.


If a person is off-site the icon next to their name will be an off-site icon.

View profile

To view the profile of a specific person, tap their name in the list.

The profile will mirror the details set up in MRI OnLocation. It may contain their photo, cellphone number, and title. It will show their Current Status either On-site or Off-site, the Access Point they last used, and their Current Zone if they are On-site.


From their profile, you can also sign them in/out and change their zone. See below for more details on this.

Manually manage presence

If you are not using RFID/Barcode scanning, you can manually manage the presence of employees and contractors from their respective lists. There are two ways to do this.

From the list, simply tap the icon next to the person to sign them in, sign them out, or change their zone. The behavior for what happens when this icon is tapped is set in the Manual Mode Selection.

This will display a pop-out showing the details of their movement. You can manually confirm the movement or it will confirm automatically according to the General Settings. You can cancel the movement by tapping Cancel before the auto-confirm time.


From the profile, you can tap Set Zone to sign them into a new zone, this includes when they are signing into the location, a list of available zones based on your Access Point will be displayed for you to choose from. Or, to sign the person out, tap Sign Out.