Sync profile settings

Learn how to configure the settings for a SyncPortal profile. You must have the Account Owner or IT Support user roles assigned to access these settings.

The settings of your sync profile determine the type of import this profile will manage. You can have multiple sync profiles, each of which may have different import settings.

You must have enabled the SyncPortal integration and created a sync profile before adjusting any settings.

In the settings tab, you can edit the profile name, set the import mode, choose the new employee policy, and enable the prune import function.

Update sync profile settings

To configure your sync profile settings, you must navigate to your sync profile: 

  1. Go to Tools > Account.
  2. Select Integrations from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select the Enabled Integrations tab.
  4. Click Manage Settings next to SyncPortal.
  5. Click Settings next to your sync profile.


In the Settings tab, you can edit these fields: 

  • Profile Name - The name of your sync profile. Each profile should have a unique name to identify it from other profiles in your account.
  • Import Mode - What you want to be imported with your sync.
    • Do not import anything (Dry Run) - Test your sync without importing any information. You will be able to see what the results would look like without actually changing any employee information in MRI OnLocation.
    • Import new items, ignore existing - Any employees that are in your Data Source but not OnLocation will be imported, however, no existing employees will be edited.
    • Update existing items, do not import new - Any employees that have been edited in your Data Source will be changed in OnLocation, however, no new employees will be imported.
    • Update existing items and import new (ALL) - Any employees that have been added or edited in your Data Source will be added or changed in OnLocation.
  • New Employee Policy - Any new employees that are added through this sync profile can have their access to OnLocation either controlled by the Administrators or automatically enabled.

    If you want the Administrators of your account to control access to logging into OnLocation, set this to Manual Activation. If you want to automatically send permission to log in, set this to Automatic Activation.
  • Prune Import - Enable this to delete any employees from OnLocation that are no longer in your Data Source. If this is disabled SyncPortal will not delete any OnLocation employees.

    Only employees that have been added through the SyncPortal integration can be removed this way. Any employees that have been added manually will need to be removed manually.

When you're finished configuring your settings, click Save.


Next step: You can now connect your data source with SyncPortal.