How to customize the account level Branding settings. You must have the Account Owner user role assigned to access these settings.

The default branding for your account will set the Theme Color for your desktop application and the Email Signature for all account level notifications.

To access your Branding settings, go to Tools > Account, and select Branding from the left-hand menu.

Theme Color

The first tab you land on is the Theme Color, this will set the color for your toolbar and menu highlights.


  1. Click the Theme color dropdown.
  2. Select your color using the color picker or enter your HEX code

  3. Click choose
  4. Click Save & Next

You can change the color back to the default by clicking Reset to Default.

Email Signature

The second tab you can select is the account level Email Signature. This will set the default signature for all locations in your account and be used as the email signature for all notifications about Service Providers, Inductions, and Qualifications that are not location specific, e.g. Triggers.

Please Note: The Email Signature can be customized at the location level for all notifications specific to a location, e.g. Visitor arrival notifications.


Type your email signature in the field provided and use the text tools at the top of the field to customize it.

When you're done, click Preview Email to see what your signature will look like in a visitor notification. And when you're finished, click Save & Next.

You can return to the default Email Signature by clicking Reset to Default.

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