Sync profile logs

Learn how to check the status and results of a database sync with SyncPortal. You must have the Account Owner or IT Support user role assigned to access these logs.

About the logs

You can view the results of all of your employee database syncs with MRI OnLocation using the sync profile logs.

The sync profile log contains information about who was imported, updated, and deleted, any errors that occurred during sign in, and any rules that were applied. You can view an overview of the sync, a sample of the sync, and details of each record.

View the logs

Logs are generated for every sync, are specific to each sync profile, and are accessed from the sync profile list:

  1. Go to Tools > Accounts.
  2. Select Integrations from the left-hand menu.
  3. Select the SyncPortal icon.
  4. Click Settings.
  5. Click Logs next to the sync profile.

  6. The display will show all syncs performed in this sync profile, the upload date, the processing status, and the amount of data that was processed. Click View to see the details of the sync.


Check the sync details

You can view the details of each record's sync, a sample of the data, the header map used, any deleted records, and the rules used.



You can filter the data by status, errors, or keywords using the fields at the top of the page.


Filter by the import status of the record:

  • Duplicate - There was another record using the same unique identifier in the data source so this record was not imported.
  • Excluded - The record was not imported due to the Sync Profile's import mode settings.
  • Failed - The record was not imported due to an error with the data.
  • Imported - A new employee was added in OnLocation with this data.
  • Not Changed - The record in OnLocation matched the data in your data source.
  • Pending - Is still processing.
  • Skipped - A rule stopped this record from being imported.
  • Updated - The record in OnLocation was changed to match the data in the data source.


Choose either No Errors or Has Errors.

Results table

The information contained in the results table for the sync:

  • Name - An overview of the employee's profile in OnLocation with a link to view their full profile.
  • Sync Status - The result of the sync for that record. See above for more information on the different statuses.
  • Changes - The number of changes made to the record in OnLocation. Hover over the number to view the changes.
  • Errors - The number of errors that occurred for the record during the sync. Hover over the number to view the errors.
  • Rules Button - Click on the button displaying how many rules were applied to view all rules that are set up and which ones were applied to this record.

  • View Button - Click on the button to view the details of what was synced in your import for the record.

Additional actions

Select these options to view additional information about the sync:

  • View Header Map - Displays a pop-up of the Header Map used for the sync so you can see which fields in your data source were mapped to which fields in OnLocation.
  • View Data Sample - Displays a pop-up of the data synced for three random records as a sample for the entire sync.
  • Deleted - Displays a pop-up with any employees who were removed as a result of changes in your data source. Only employees that have been added through the SyncPortal integration can be deleted by a sync.