Use search in OnLocation

Use search to find features, settings, people, records, and Help Center articles. Every OnLocation user has access to search.

What you can search for

Search covers the following areas. The results you see will depend on your user role:

  • Features and settings - Any OnLocation feature and the associated settings.
  • People - All employees, contractors, and visitors entered into OnLocation.
  • Records - Includes most records in OnLocation, including kiosks, certifications, induction courses, dashboards, access tokens, important notices, and more. 
  • Help Center - View knowledge articles that outline how OnLocation works.

If you search for a feature you don't have access to, you won't see any results in the feature and settings section. You'll only see Help Center results.

Any employee who only has permission to access OnLocation can search for your organization's employees or their own saved or pre-registered visitors.

Global search is a useful tool for users still learning to navigate the product. It also provides a quick way to locate your employees or contractors, perfect for organizations with many people in the system.

Search OnLocation

  1. Click on the search icon in the header.

  2. Enter a keyword, then click Search. Use the filter if you'd like to narrow down the type of results.

  3. Click through the tabs and open the accordions to expand the results, then click on the result that matches what you're looking for.