Export your contractor organization list

Export a file listing the details of your contractor organizations. You need the Contractor Manager user role to access these settings.

How it works

If you need to view or update your contractor organization list, export a CSV file from Contractor Manager. 

You can update the search filters, so the file includes a particular contractor type or group, location access, or specific keyword.

The exported file contains the following information for each organization: 

System ID Legal ID Physical Address
Date Created Legal ID Type Country
Contractor Type Phone Number Status of Account
Organization Name Email Address Organization Owner
Trading As Secondary phone Locations

If you use custom fields or insurance policies in OnLocation, this information is also included in the exported file.

Export your organization list

  1. Go to Tools > Contractor Manager.
  2. In the Organizations page, click Export Organizations. 

  3. Click Export All. The file will download to your computer. 

Next step: If you need to update any of the information, make the changes, then save the file in CSV UTF-8 format. You can upload the file from the Organizations page.