Add a new location

Learn how to add a new location to an existing account. You need the Administrator user role to access these settings.  

If you already have an account and location set up, you can add additional locations from the Locations screen.  Any new locations will need to choose a new pricing plan

To add a new location:

  1. Go to Locations > Manage locations.
  2. Click Add New Location.

  3. Click Continue to confirm.

  4. Add the location name. This is the name that your organization uses when referring to the location, for example, head office, call center.
  5. Select the country it is located in.
  6. Enter the physical address. 
  7. Enter the postcode or ZIP code. This is a series of letters and/or digits used to sort mail.
  8. Enter the main contact phone number.
  9. (Optional) Add an external ID.
  10. Select the time zone. 
  11. Choose a date format: mm/dd/yyyy or dd/mm/yyyy. 
  12. Choose a time format: 24 hour or AM/PM format. 
  13. (Optional) Select a location group. Assigning locations to groups makes it easier to find locations when you have many locations set up. 
  14. Select a primary function for your location. If this location serves multiple functions, select Mixed Functions.
  15. (Optional) Add a location description.
  16. Click Save.

Next step: The Account Owner will receive an email from the MRI OnLocation accounts team confirming that a new location has been added. They need to choose a pricing plan for the new location.