Remove test records

Learn how to remove (purge) test records from your reports. You must have the Reports Manager user role to access reporting.

During your free trial period, users often create test records. After the trial period, you may wish to remove these records from your account. You can purge these records in the People Presence report. Purged records cannot be restored.

To purge records:

  1. Go to Reporting > People Presence.
  2. Choose the location or select All Locations
  3. Select the data source: Visitors, Employees, or Contractors.
  4. Choose the reporting period and any other filters.
  5. Click View Report.
  6. Click Enable Record Erase/Purge, then click Continue.
  7. Select the records to purge using the checkboxes on the right.
  8. Click the Run an Action menu, then select Purge Records.
  9. Confirm that you want to purge the records.
  10. Click Run Action.

Next step: The Account Owner can view any purged records in the audit for the account.