Granting Support Access

In this article you will learn how to grant access to the WhosOnLocation Support Team to your account.

Before You Grant Us Access

Granting Access does not mean that a WhosOnLocation Customer support team member will contact you to determine if you have an issue. Our team do not actively scan the customer list looking for customers who have granted us access.

The recommended process if you have a problem is to: 

1. First use the Helpdesk to see if there is a topic or guide that addresses your specific problem.

2. If the Helpdesk cannot solve your problem then select Submit a Request located in the upper toolbar of the Helpdesk.

3. The Submit a Request function will ask you for your email address and to explain what your problem is. When you select Submit at the bottom of the Submit a Request screen our team will be notified of your Request immediately.

4. You will automatically receive a Request Acknowledgement – so check your email.

5. In normal operating circumstances we will address your request within an hour.

6. As part of our investigations into your problem we may need to access your account. Only in these circumstances would we contact you over the phone and request that you Grant Support Access to our team.

About Granting Support Access

  • To assist you, our customer support team may need to access your account. You can grant access to them any time. For security reasons, the maximum period for granting access is limited to one hour.
  • During the time you have granted access, they will have access to your account functions and data in order to help you resolve any problems.
  • Granting login access allows WhosOnLocation Support to view your account for one hour. During the effective access period, we will be able to access your data in order to help you resolve any problems.
  • WhosOnLocation Support cannot view any customer account data unless permission is granted by a user like yourself.
  • WhosOnLocation Support will never ask for your password, either via phone or email.
  • If we need to log into the application we will always ask you or another of your users to grant login access. If you receive any email requests for your password from a source pretending to be from WhosOnLocation, please report via email to

How to Grant Support Access

1. Select Helpdesk > Grant Support Access.

2. Read the terms and conditions for granting us access then when you are ready select Grant Access Now.

3. The Grant Support Access window will change to reflect the date and time access was granted.

4. Select Close.

How to Revoke Support Access

1. Select Helpdesk > Grant Support Access.

2. Select Revoke Access

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