Setting up Badge Pass Templates

How to create a template for the badge passes your visitors or service providers will receive when they sign in to your location. You must have the Administrator user role to manage badge passes.

Badge passes allow you to quickly identify visitors and service providers, see important information about them, and give added security to your site.

You can set up as many badge pass templates for visitors and service providers as you like, but you can only activate one for each person type on each kiosk.

Please Note: To set up a service provider badge pass, you must first activate the Service Provider Management Add-on.

Both the video and article below outline the steps for setting up a badge pass template.


To set up a badge pass template, sign into WhosOnLocation as an Administrator, then:

  1. Go to Tools > Locations
  2. Click View button next to your location
  3. Select Badge Passes from the left-hand menu

From here you can manage your badge passes and set up new badge passes.


  1. Select either New Visitor Badge Pass or New Service Provider Badge Pass depending on the type of badge pass you want to set up
The first template you will see is a default template, all details on the badge pass can be turned on and off using the toggles on the right side. Not all of these options are available for every template, and not every template is available for all badge pass sizes, so please ensure you select the correct printer and badge pass size before choosing your template and options.

From the left-hand settings section:

  1. Choose your printer
  2. Choose the badge pass size you have for your printer
  3. Choose your Enable Advanced Printing option – This is required if printing this label from a Firefox or Internet Explorer web browser
  4. Choose your Default Sign In/Out Manager Label option – This is required if you want this badge pass to be printed from Sign In/Out Manager.


Please note: You can only have one default badge pass for visitors and one for service providers.

You can now choose your template and options:

  1. Click View Templates to choose the templates available with the chosen badge pass size


You can see an example of each template with options available. Use the With Visitor Photo toggle to see what the passes look like with visitor photos or logos or both when applicable
  1. Choose your template my clicking on the image and clicking Select
  2. Upload a logo if you want this to appear on your badge pass by clicking the Upload Logo box
  3. Choose the options you want to appear on your badge pass using the toggles


  • Logo – Your company logo uploaded by you
  • Visitor Name – The Name your visitor or service provider entered on sign in
  • Visitor Photo – Photo captured on sign in by kiosk or receptionist webcam
Please Note: Some templates will only allow either logo or visitor photo to appear on a badge pass, in these instances this will be switched automatically when one is selected.
  • Name of Organization – Where the visitor or service provider is from
  • Date and Time of Sign In – Recorded by the kiosk or Sign In/Out manager
  • Barcode – Used for automatically signing out the visitor or service provider by scanning upon departure. Note – you must have a scanner set up on your kiosk for this to work
  • Badge Number – The number of the badge pass. This is recorded in the system and can be checked using the People Presence Report.
  • Host Name – The employee that the visitor or service provider selected as their host. You can edit the field name that appears on the badge when this is enabled
  • Evacuation Assistance – Appears as a Cross icon if the visitor or service provider needs help in the event of an evacuation
  • Use Purpose of Visit as the Tag – Only appears is Purpose of Visit is enabled in Questionnaire Manager. Will replace the Default Tag Name with the purpose of visit
  • Increase top margin – Leaves room for a punch hole to be made in at the top of the label in case it is to be attached to a lanyard or similar
  • Default Tag Name – This will be displayed on the badge pass unless a purpose of visit is used
  1. Enter the Badge Pass Name. This will be used to identify the badge pass when activating in your kiosk and when in the Badge Passes menu
  2. Click Test Print Label to ensure the badge pass is set up to your requirements
Please Note: You will need to have your printer connected to the computer you are using to print a test label.
  1. Click Save

If you have any questions about Badge Pass Templates please refer to the Badge Pass Template FAQ's

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